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Your Workplace Influences Your Sales. That's Why You Should Care.

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 26, 2019
May 29, 2024

Only happy and motivated employees can land sales and show excellent results in the workplace. Today’s article is entirely devoted to the importance of diversity in the workplace and how your workplace atmosphere can be improved for better results and overall business success. 

Your team members are the pillars on which your business stands. We genuinely believe that you should approach it like that. Only when you understand the importance of your team, it becomes easier to build a successful company. 

They deliver sales, support your product, develop it, design it, and so on. The essential care that you can show is the motivation and proper workplace atmosphere that you can deliver to your employees. This is something you can achieve by improving the working environment in your company and considering all the factors that influence the sales forecast, team members motivation, and the company’s goals.

What is a workplace environment?

People tend to think that a healthy working environment means a sports-oriented team and more gym-related activities that they pay for to keep their team members healthy. 

However, when we say ‘a healthy workplace’ we mean the importance of building a stronger bond between your employees and keeping the working culture as your top priority. This also means that the physical environment of your employees can impact their motivation, ability to perform the work with more significant enthusiasm and overall happiness. 

So better environment means better results. Does this mean that a factor that might influence a sales forecast would be your workplace? In fact, yes. 

Let us break it down into smaller parts that you should work on. These are the fundamental elements of a healthy working environment and factors that influence sales forecast.

Working culture as a guiding principle 

The corporate culture of your workplace is about defining the core values of your team, setting the goals straight, and setting the bar for your team to keep up with. This is like a roadmap for your team to follow. It’s about finding common ground with your employees. 

When you define the core values of your workplace and set the general workplace culture that your team and yourself will follow, you will not experience the burnout and loss of motivation. It will help your organization to stay on track and create a positive atmosphere since everyone will understand where your company is going and what are the values that you share. 

The positive atmosphere has a direct impact on how your employee approaches his/her responsibilities. When we talk about sales forecasts, we know for sure that your whole team considers his/her work necessary and approaches it responsibly. Otherwise, the sales forecast will not be precise, and you simply won’t get the desired sales numbers from your team. 

Working culture unites everyone and, therefore, brings more positivity to your workplace. It’s about how you treat your employees and how they treat each other.

Physical environment matters more than you think

Just like you won’t feel motivated and happy in the dirty apartment, you won’t be satisfied in the office that you hate. Millennials tend to show a higher decline towards the regular offices with the cubicles and other forms of partially enclosed workplaces. 

This is a result of the silicon valley based startup revolution that turned upside down the concept of an office workplace and changed the way people approach the design of the working environment. 

Since the physical environment changes the way you and your employees feel about their work every time they visit the office, it’s crucial to pay more attention to this. 

Simple things like providing your team with more convenient tables, chairs, playrooms, kitchen, and other things or areas they interact with on a daily basis. It’s about showing your co-workers and employees that you care enough to provide them with everything they need to do their job. 

Trust us, such a simple thing as improving your physical office environment will make your team way more result-oriented and give birth to higher company loyalty among them. People tend not to leave the companies they enjoy working in physically.

Diversity and support change everything

We’ve already said about the importance of diversity in the workplace. But what does it mean? 

This means that you should hire more people with different characteristics, abilities, and vision. You shouldn’t consider age, race, sex, religion. You’ve got to hire real professionals and gather a diverse team of specialists that will become a group of motivated people that land sales and develop an excellent product. 

You shouldn’t look for those having the same vision and ideas, you’ve got to hire people with different creative angles and work approaches to see the big picture. This is one of the reasons why diversity is essential in the workplace — it helps your team to see the product from different perspectives and strive for better results together. 

But there is nothing more important than support in a team. You’ve got to find time to help your team members figure out their work-related issues and show compassion when they need that. 

No, you don’t have to be their mommy. But you shouldn’t forget that there is no ‘I’ in a ‘team,’ so you’ve got to stay together and build a supportive workspace and a healthy working environment. 

Your roadmap to creating a healthier workplace and environment

Now it’s time for a piece of practical advice. We have compiled a small roadmap with only three points to stick to. These will serve as a starting point for you, and you’ll have to continue developing the working environment on your own, but at least now you’ll know where to start. 

So here are the basics you’ll have to start with.  

Design clean and comfortable workplace

We mean the physical office space that your employees will see on a daily basis. It should be convenient, clean, and inspiring. It completely changes the way your team approaches their day to day tasks and work-related activities. 

Keep office policies fair

This is something many companies struggle with. Fair company policies are not about keeping an eye on whether every employee sticks to the guidelines. It’s about creating an environment that is free from dictatorship. You’ve got to make your employee experience more creative freedom, but keep the boundaries to avoid the loss of their attention to work.

Build proper team spirit

This is where the corporate culture kicks in and reminds you that it’s more important than you think. When we talk about the sales forecasts, numbers and delivering the results, we’ve got to remember that it’s on us to build the team spirit in our company. 

Define the core values that you’ll all will stick to, including yourself. Define the goals and how you’ll get there together. That’s the foundation of the proper spirit, motivation, and aspiration of your collective.

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