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Your DS Software Matters More Than you Think

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 9, 2019
May 29, 2024

The future success of your digital signage marketing campaign depends on what kind of signage software you choose. Of course, it also depends on the content you produce, but sometimes the limitations of DS software may not give you enough space for creativity. 

That’s the reason why we decided to highlight how vital the DS software is and why it matters way more than you think.

1. Digital signage is nothing without the software

Let’s admit it, just like a car with no engine is just a massive piece of useless metal where you can sit and chill on the backseat, the digital signage for Apple TV is nothing without proper software. 

The software supports every creative idea that you have; it merely powers the displays allowing you to deliver different types of content to your viewers. 

So make sure you approach the DS software selection process smartly, cause software is everything.

2. Digital signage software affects your creative boundaries

When it comes to the content development process, you’ll always have to check whether your digital signage software support that particular type of content. To avoid these problems, you’ve got to do smart market research and see what each software distributor can offer. 

Some DS software packages may support interactive touch screen features, and some may not. So your final decision requires careful consideration. We would recommend you making a list of the ideas you want to implement and then go DS software hunting.

3. Software defines your marketing budget and system affordability

Every software package will have its own price: depending on the size of the business and features you may need. However, you should clearly understand your monthly budget to understand what kind of Apple TV digital signage solution will work better for you.

4. Signage software reflects how many displays you can install

Signage software reflects how many displays you can install - Kitcast Blog

Your budget means a lot. Let’s say you’ve already made all the necessary calculations and prepared the budget for your Apple TV digital signage. Do you know what will have the most significant impact on the final price? Usually, it’s the number of screens you’ll want to install. 

Depending on the scalability of your business and the size of the target audience you’ll have to work with, you’ll have to choose a different number of screens that the DS software will serve.

You can seek assistance from the software companies to calculate how many screens you’ll need. Just tell them what kind of business you run, what’s the average traffic and they’ll recommend you the best option and pricing package. Some companies can even help you with additional research.

5. Regularly updated digital signage software defines your system’s security

What makes a modern software system great? How often the development team updates it. 

People tend to think that regularly updates may only help you with new features and design hacks. However, the development team continuously improves security with new releases. Every day your software may face new challenges, and it’s crucial to make sure the software development company got your back. 

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