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Who Needs Digital Signage?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 25, 2019
May 29, 2024

While the short answer would sound like ‘everyone,’ we want to give you a brief understanding of what type of businesses may and, frankly, should utilize the digital signage the most.

We genuinely believe that any business and any independent entrepreneur can use digital signage to make a significant impact on marketing campaigns. Here are the most popular niches that are currently being conquered by digital signage.

1. Retail stores

Retail stores can have numerous tasks that should be automated when we talk about ad campaigns and content delivery.

Promotions, product features, important announcements, and store schedules. All of these things can be shown on the digital signage screen. Play a bit with the location of the displays, research how your customers interact with your store in general. This will help you take the most out of your store.

2. Restaurants

Restaurants may seem a bit old-fashioned, cause time goes by, and we still have the same old waiters taking orders.

While it’s smart to lessen the burden of taking orders, it’s more important to start with the digital menus. This is the most popular step towards the digitalization among the restaurant owners.

Restaurants needs digital signage - Kitcast Blog

Even though this model will remain the most popular, digital signage can solve a lot of problems for restaurant owners. You can not only automate the order system, feedback management, and other client-oriented processes, but you can also use the digital signage software to manage the waiters’ schedules and deliver important messages to them.

3. Hospitals

Hospitals are crying for help in the last decades. The automation of the tasks that receptionists take care of is a must.

Installing the digital signage displays can have with the wayfinding, delivering the answers to frequently asked questions and even manage their bookings. Besides the bookings management, there is a chance that the whole room monitoring systems will work for your clinic. Touchscreens and other ways of interaction with digital signage will allow your patients to call for a nurse and simply request something.

Another thing to consider is the queue management table on the digital signage screen to optimize the work of your doctors.

4. Museums and exhibitions

Digital signage for Apple TV can revolutionize the way people run the exhibitions. Of course, the main idea is to show the original paintings, monuments, etc. However, it’s quite problematic to run a small exhibition for educational purposes without having a chance to get those originals.

Museums and exhibitions needs digital signage - Kitcast Blog

Thanks to digital signage displays, people may be able to make historical data and art more accessible.

5. Schools and colleges

Digital signage software may work as a tool to make educational content more engaging. We live in an era when it becomes more and more challenging to keep our students interested in traditional lectures.

With signage displays, you can utilize videos, pictures, presentations, charts, and even interactive maps to tell the story. Just imagine how interesting the history lecture may become.

This applies to any subject and signage for Apple TV may be the best way to renew your classroom and stay on top of the technology trends.

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