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What You Can Learn From These Digital Signage Campaigns

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 15, 2019
May 29, 2024

Let’s have a look back at the digital signage campaign examples that can inspire you and bring your marketing campaign to an entirely new level.

Running a decent marketing campaign can be tough, especially if you’re new to technologies. That’s why we genuinely believe that digital signage can become your best bet when it comes to a viral and successful marketing campaign. Wondering how you can run a truly great one? 

We have a bunch of most memorable and simply the best digital signage campaigns that we want you to see. These will inspire you to create something that will fit your brand and business. If you really make up your mind towards doing something like that, you can become a real disruptor in your niche. Therefore, it will be easier to dominate among your business competitors with innovative digital signage campaigns.

Why digital advertising works?

The attention spans are minuscule nowadays. You as a business have only a few seconds before you lose a potential customer forever. That's when the screens come into play. They are instantly grabbing the attention, they influence the buying decisions and they have a visual power to actually amaze the audience. So why not use all of it for your next digital signage campaign?

Also, one of the great advantages of screen technology is adaptability. You can have screens of virtually any size for showing content you see fit. They can be interactive and customers have a chance to actually engage with the content physically becoming a part of the advertising process themselves. And don't forget about the social media integration, you can use screens to both promote your new product and promote your new hashtag.

Static signage is still widely used but it's quickly becoming a thing of the past. The main reason for that is that it's not as flexible as digital. So it's high time your business utilizes all the possibilities of digital medium for its gain.

1. Hjärtat

While this digital signage campaign can be considered very controversial, we still believe it’s worth mentioning how innovative it was. Yes, some people didn’t like the concept, but as of today, this is the only viral anti-smoking ad among modern digital signage campaigns. 

They’ve installed a signage screen on the street along with the smoke-detectors. Whenever a person nearby decided to enjoy a cigarette, the pre-made video of a coughing person appeared with a pretty loud sound included.

Someone laughed, someone didn’t like it, but all of them looked at it with interest. Then, the company advertised its anti-smoking products directly to their target audience. Isn’t that smart?

2. Apolosophy Shampoo

Let’s face it; many digital signage campaigns in the subways are not appealing. However, that’s not the case with the Apolosophy Shampoo campaign. Their digital signage campaign is plain and simple, but it’s stunning and exciting. 

They’ve installed a digital signage screen on one of the subway stations and managed to schedule their campaign correctly on their digital signage display to run a specific video each time the train arrives. 

When the train enters the station, the woman on the screen has her hair all over her face, which causes the wind from the arriving train. 

Here you can learn a general rule of thumb: your digital signage campaigns shouldn’t be necessarily complex, they can be fun and straightforward. Of course, there were tons of videos on Instagram, where people decided to share this digital signage campaign.

3. General Motors 

This, by far, can be called one of the most complicated digital signage campaigns. Of course, that’s something you can expect from the company this big, but General Motors literally rocked the world with their well-thought-out digital signage campaign.

First of all, they’ve prepared more than 30 different pre-recorded videos that a user would see depending on the action he/she performs. Then, they used a digital signage studio lite campaign loop tool to create a cycle of these videos. Tagged a trigger to each video and then they had to make a few more complicated parts of the projects. 

They attached a video camera with a movement recognition technology. This way, they could know whether people stare for too long and wait for something or take a few steps closer to the signage screen. 

They’ve managed to think of dozens of different situations that they could play out and make people laugh and enjoy one of the most engaging campaigns in the automotive industry. 

That’s where we want to highlight a fantastic rule: planning a digital signage campaign is a super important thing that you should do before you start the project execution. They’ve done a significant groundwork before they launched this campaign and it really paid off.

4. Sephora

Sephora managed to get a place among the best digital signage campaigns with their innovative AR technology of makeup testing. They’ve partnered with the ModiFace to bring their product marketing to the whole new level. 

Their digital signage screens allowed people to see themselves on the screen and try out the Sephora makeup products in real-time. Considering how crucial it is to know how a specific makeup element will look on your face, this can be the most  use-case among the modern digital signage campaigns.

5. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Marketing sporting goods directly to the appropriate target audience is a must for good conversions. Of course, you can set a few screens in the central part of the city, market your sports gear and hope that occasionally someone will stop and buy something. However, that’s not what Dick’s Sporting Goods decided to do. 

They’ve organized a marathon among runners and installed digital signage screens where runners could order gear to their liking. Basically, they’ve had people from their target audience walking around the most convenient gear point of sale. Even considering the fact that they were constantly on the move, they still had lots of opportunities to stop and interact with the screens.

The ball is in your court now

Remember that digital signage is an ultimate tool that can help you create whatever you want when it comes to marketing campaigns. Make sure you learn from the best and try to create something meaningful and impressive. Then one day, your brand’s signage campaign will be everything an average millennial will be talking about on his road to work.

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