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What Content Works Best: Video or Image

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 19, 2019
May 29, 2024

Digital signage allows you to experiment with numerous types of content. Basically, when you get a digital signage screen, you obtain a huge dynamic platform that gives you an opportunity to mix different videos, images, interactive maps, etc.

While being one of the biggest signage benefits, this fact also makes you think what kind of content you should run in your digital signage software to boost your business the most.

Basically, every type of content comes with its benefits and flaws. Let’s see what kind of benefits imagery and video production may bring you.

Imagery Benefits

Images are crucial in any marketing campaign. We design banners, place taglines there and encourage our clients to do what we want them to do. No matter what their next action should be: buying something, going somewhere or else. Images worked fine for ages.

Make static content more readable

When you want to deliver an idea to your customer without making it too overwhelming for him, you shouldn’t choose videos. Let’s say you need to feature a promotion or discounted price for a specific product. Do you really need to show numerous of scenes to feature that? Not really.

Static content is more hard to create, cause you only have one shot to reach people’s minds. But when you finally make it right, it can convert even more than slides, digital signage videos, etc.

Can be more memorable

Seeing the same static content on the digital signage screen over and over will make the information more memorable. The reason is simple – it’s always easier to memorize one picture rather than a short video with a few frames.

Cheaper than video production

Advertising images are always cheaper to produce. Digital signage video content requires more time to shoot, edit and add the needed effects or additional assets to the footage.

In case you want to cut your budget a bit, go with imagery. Yet the quality of the imagery content should be top-notch to compete with those who run digital signage video content.

Video Benefits

When we talk about videos, we automatically imply working with more engaging content. Customers’ attention is sometimes quite hard to catch and video content can help you do that.

Can target multiple audiences at the same time

Now let’s talk what digital signage image content cannot do. Whenever you run a single-image ad, you only have one shot at working with the particular target audience.

When you run video content, you can target multiple audiences and show the right content for a few types of customers at the same time. This saves you time, cause you don’t need to work on a few marketing campaigns with a few single-shot ads.

More engaging and encouraging to make a decision

Engaging is crucial and, let’s face it, the digital signage software was created to make the advertising and customer interaction more engaging by default.

Videos can make it more interactive. With videos, you have more frames and, therefore, chances to encourage your clients to do something and interact with your product or business in general.

More practical and less time-consuming

You can save yourself from a lot of trouble of going through digital signage imagery content creation over and over. Videos last longer and can stay up-to-date for a vast amount of time.

Videos give you more creative freedom to achieve your marketing goals, this is a much more practical and modern approach.


Digital signage content can be so different that you won’t be able to imagine before you try it yourself. When you get yourself signage screens and you’re ready to go, you’ll have that question of what type of content will fit you the most.

The answer actually lays in between. We genuinely believe that only balance can bring your signage marketing the biggest boost of all.

Basically, we can recommend you starting with the images if you’re just experimenting and don’t want to waste a lot of money on video production. However, don’t forget that video content remains one of the best ways to work with different types of customers without the need of having a headache regarding multiple audiences targeting.

Try to mix images and videos to achieve the best results and land the higher conversion rates.

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