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What are the Benefits of Installing DS in my Beauty Salon?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 4, 2019
May 29, 2024

A beauty salon is a complicated business to run. You’ve got to excite your clients and keep them happy with what they see in the mirror after their visit. Even though it’s an industry where the final result says it all, you’ve got to put enormous efforts in your beauty shop or hair salon advertising. 

The reason is simple — first, you have to fascinate your clients and convince them to try your services. We genuinely believe that modern technologies can help you with that and more. For example, hair salon digital signage and other content delivery networks may help you not only grab the attention of your potential clients but also entertain them; improve your conversions, as well as retention with digital beauty signage and exclusive content. 

Wondering what should be your next steps? We’ve prepared an ultimate guide that will give you a hint on how digital signage can benefit your beauty salon. While you transform people’s appearance, let’s transform your beauty shop and make it rock.

1. Different content for different days, times and seasons

When we talk about beauty or hair salon digital signage, we’ve got to note that no matter the niche, signage is all about content. The digitalization of your signage will help you make the whole process more dynamic. This means that you’ll be able to change your content whenever you need. It will take only a few taps or clicks on your laptop. 

Modern digital signage software for beauty salons will help you showcase different content on different days, times, and seasons. 

Since the beauty industry usually relies heavily on modern appearance trends, we know you have to change your content depending on what’s hip now. Signage will be the best solution here. 

2. Content personalization 

No one likes cold calls, right? Same applies to the advertising industry. No one wants to be treated like a stranger; it’s way more popular now to address your potential clients in a more warm and personalized way. 

Content personalization - Kitcast Blog

Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to do with regular ads, promotional banners, and paper materials. It costs money to print new advertisement; it doesn’t allow you to target a more specific audience or a particular person. On the other hand, digital beauty signage enables you to change the message depending on:

  • Location of the screens.
  • Whoever uses it and interacts with the touch screen.
  • What time of the day a person approaches it.
  • etc. 

All these factors allow you to divide your clients to smaller target audiences and address them accordingly. 

3. Social media wall and testimonials

This is something no other technology can currently offer you. The digital signage beauty salon is the best way to showcase the testimonials of your happy clients. 

You can use your signage displays as a media wall where you could show the social media posts with particular hashtag, account or mentioned keyword (like your brand’s name or whatever). That’s why we insist that your content feed should be dynamic — this way, you can show more things to your clients. 

4. Tune in your storefront advertising

Tune in your storefront advertising - Kitcast Blog

Your storefront should be seductive. This is the final stop where your potential clients make a decision. Therefore you should do everything you can to show how good your salon is and how fantastic your services are. 

Use digital signage for beauty salons to demonstrate different types of content showcasing happy clients with new hairstyles and makeup solutions. Trying to advertise your spa? Spa content can also be tuned in to your digital signage screens with related content. It’s not about specific services you promote, it’s about the look of your happy clients and their testimonials that can become a game changer.

5. Create interactive entertainment that excites

Don’t forget about your clients chilling in the waiting line to get their hair or nails done. First of all, you’ve got to make sure they’re having a great time. This will directly affect the retention process. Successful entrepreneurs tend to say that the returning customers are making the most significant part of your business revenue, so work with them and do it right. 

Your beauty digital signage screens can be a platform with entertaining shows, and other games to help your visitors forget about the time they waste in the line. 

Signage screens can genuinely change the way people see your business, and we hope that now you understand how many benefits it may bring. Try it and up your game in the beauty salon business today, thank us late!

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