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<strong>Weather Digital Signage: the Guide</strong>

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 15, 2022
May 29, 2024

Don’t underestimate the weather digital signage. Showing a forecast is a simple concept, but sometimes it may be just enough to win the trust of your customers. By sharing the RSS weather feed for digital signage you’re communicating a very strong message: “We Care”. And that’s all that matters. 

This article will walk you through ways you can use weather-based digital signage.

Why do people watch weather forecasts?

Ever since the dawn of time, people have been interested in the weather. It beguiled them, frightened them, amazed them. There were no anchors on national TV in ancient times, humans had to rely on certain signs in nature to predict what was coming. 

Fortunately, the era when humanity was blind regarding the weather is over, and today technology can easily provide an accurate forecast. There are numerous services that provide reliable weather information. 

Taking a look at a forecast is an integral part of our modern lives. Something that helps us plan better and adjust our plans according to what's happening outside.

In other words, it’s important to know the weather. And it definitely helps when the business or organization you’re visiting provides it for you.

We don’t want to say that showing the weather is the greatest content choice you can make. It’s definitely not the case, the forecast works best when it’s shown as an addition to the main broadcast. 

What we’re trying to say, though, is that when you’re showing the weather you’re also showing that you care about the well-being of your customers. And that speaks volumes.

Digital signage for weather forecasting

Getting the forecast out on the screen may sound easy but the devil is in the details. First of all, it’s important to understand that there are many different weather data options you can choose to show. It can be just the temperature, it can be 20 different points including the humidity, wind speed, and precipitation chance. 

Basically, your hands are untied when it comes to the weather digital signage. In terms of content, you can experiment with imaging and video, use background images of the spots you’re showing a forecast for, and engage with customers in between.

Digital signage technology serves as a communication channel in this case. It enables your interaction with the audience through the weather widgets. You have the freedom of experimentation, the versatility of things you can show, and the variety of tools you can use to nail it with the weather content.

Where to show the weather content?

Usually, the most popular places to broadcast the weather forecast are the lobby and the waiting areas. These are the spots where people have time to look at the screen and interact with it over a longer span. 

For example, let’s say you have a private dental clinic. There is a lobby where people wait for their appointment. It features a digital signage screen that is realizing multiple content goals. You’re showing uplifting videos, using them to upsell certain products and services as well as for the enhancement of branding. 

Also, you use the screen to show the weather forecast utilizing the special widget. The forecast is animated, has a background image of Seattle (where the dental clinic is based), and comes with beautifully presented information about the temperature, humidity level, and wind speed as well as lighthearted tips for choosing the right umbrella. The whole sequence takes under 15 seconds and is very visual and straightforward. 

This is exactly how you would use the weather digital signage. It will look beautiful, it will be harmonically woven with other types of content, and it will effectively utilize the waiting time of a visitor without overwhelming him with content.

How can you start showing weather digital signage right now?

Kitcast has a special weather widget that does all the work for you. 

Our content management system is very easy-to-use, powerful, and versatile. It allows you to easily get the content out and engage with the customers straight away. 

In order to start showing weather digital signage with Kitcast you will only need a screen and an Apple TV. The rest is our software’s magic touch. Connect the screen with the streaming box, install the app, and start having the best digital signage experience without the long installation hassle. 

It’s quick and straightforward with Kitcast. Test-drive our software with the FREE trial with no credit card.

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