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What is a Video Wall and How Does It Work Exactly?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 25, 2021
May 29, 2024

In times when it becomes harder and harder to amaze a customer, a video wall is an awesome way to distribute content. Let’s see what makes it so powerful and how you can start creating your own. 

Digital signage is all about excitement. It is a technology that works with human senses, that arouses interest and delivers more than expected. One of its main advantages is the immense creative freedom that comes with using the screens. Video wall takes the main stage in the hierarchy of the ways you can distribute content. Many companies and organizations around the world are already using it, it’s high time that you start thinking in that direction too.

What is a video wall?

The video wall is a setup of multiple screens tied together by digital signage technology.

In other words, it is one big screen made up of many screens, something like a screen boss if we were in a video game. Video walls come in all sizes and can range from boutique setups in brick-and-mortar stores to highly sophisticated control centers at organizations. Those control panels in NASA offices are a video wall, just adapted to a specific objective. 

In order to manage your video wall, you’d need a controller. There are two types: 

  1. hardware-based controllers 

That means that all your system is managed locally by hardware. This is an option for big organizations and companies that would like to manage everything themselves. 

  1. software-based controllers 

This is a relatively new technology that uses digital signage software to control your video wall. In this case, you can opt for either an on-site digital signage solution or the cloud-based one. 

We will focus on cloud-based digital signage for managing video walls because this method is much more intuitive, easy to deploy, flexible and reliable.

How do video walls work?

In order to start using a video wall, you would need digital signage software. There are many options on the market and you can choose the one that works best for your company or organization. 

Our company, Kitcast, has a history of successful cases of using our software to run video walls. Contact us for more information on how it can be used specifically for your business or organization. 

Basically, if you’re using digital signage software to manage your video wall, it will work the same way that one screen works. You use the app to create the content and then it is broadcasted using multiple screens acting like one. Does it sound complicated? In practice, it’s easy and straightforward. Of course, this applies only to a great video wall software, the market is filled with the apps that promise but can’t deliver. 

How to deploy a successful video wall?

First of all, don’t rush it. As with any new technology, it takes time to master it. The video wall is a complex content delivery tool that takes more resources to deploy. That’s why it’s essential to do your research beforehand to understand all the nuts and bolts.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to successfully deploy video wall technology: 

  1. Have a clear understanding why you need it. Who is your audience? What is your content plan? What you’ll be showing on the video wall?
  2. Choose the best location for it
  3. Choose your video wall software carefully. Read reviews online, talk to people who are already using it, check out the press articles. Make sure that you’re giving your money to professionals that will ensure that your video wall is a long-term investment that comes with minimum stress 
  4. Create content according to your marketing strategy that works best for your needs

When all of it is fulfilled, then you can expect a video wall that does its job. I have seen many companies attempting to deploy this technology with bad and mediocre results because of the lack of preparation. Be sure that you’re not making the same mistake, do the homework. 

How to create video wall content?

This part is really important. Extremely important. Look, if you have a bunch of black screens tied together and showing things that are not interesting for your audience, it’s never going to work. I am here to tell you to deliver only the best content before the eyes of your customers. Only this will bring sales and grow your business. And only this can take your company to the next level. 

So what exactly is good content when it comes to video walls? The answer is “it depends”. Businesses differ and the things they can show differ too. Let’s talk with examples. 

Retail example. 

Let’s say you’re running a clothing store at a shopping mall. People come and go, there is a constant movement in the air. By deploying video walls on the counter and in the browsing area you’re giving your place a huge boost. Sparkling videos showing models sporting your brand create a perfect atmosphere for buying clothes and they inspire your potential buyers. Combine it with special price announcements, promotional messages from celebrity ambassadors of your brands, ask for feedback and promote your social media. 

The ways to use video walls are plenty and this technology gives you almost unlimited content creativity, so utilize it to win the hearts of your customers.

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