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The very best ads of 2023 (so far)

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 4, 2023
May 29, 2024

It’s time to determine the top of the top. We’ve compiled a list of the best ads 2023. Why? We really love advertising and it’s always nice to recognize those who have succeeded in delivering top-notch campaigns. And 2023 has proved that creativity rules the world giving us all numerous cases of fantastic OOH, DOOH, and online campaigns. 

Here are the best ads of 2023. Get inspired!

1. Apple - The Dance

Why: it’s a simple TV commercial. But you’re sure to remember it. The new Apple’s take on the woes of paying with traditional cards. The video is, in fact, a part of a wider Apple Pay-focused campaign that features TikTok stars such as Grandma Droniak, Nimbus, and Drew Dirkson.

2. Rémy Martin x Usher - Life is a Melody

Why: who doesn’t like a cool celebrity-featuring ad? Cognac brand Rémy Martin partnered with Usher on their latest campaign and it’s a feel-good triumph. The famous singer narrates and dances through the video and we believe him. Also, the campaign includes awesome programmed murals around NYC that you can see here.

3. Skyscanner - The Ultimate Travel Hack

Why: travel hacking is a thing and Skyscanner chooses a humorous approach to show it. We’re introduced to several characters that have “nailed travel”. But it turns out they could have just used Skyscanner instead. It’s a colorful and memorable ad that duly celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary.

4. McDonald's - As Featured In Meal

Why: how to show your brand’s importance in the most effective way? Let the others talk about it. In the case of McDonald’s, the company has decided to let the movies it was featured in talk. And there were many over the years. One of the best ads in 2023, the fast food giant’s campaign is a nostalgic and powerful piece of advertising genius that connects the right dots and hits directly into the feelings of the viewers.

5. Sabritas - Shakira feat Sr Cheese

Why: how can you not love marketing if there’s a campaign like this? Definitely one of the most WTF and funny ads of 2023, Sabritas has the Colombian superstar Shakira singing the celebrated salsa tune “Ven Devorame Otra Vez” by Lalo Rodríguez with a… sandwich. Why sandwich? Because it seems that Sabritas are devoured best with the sandwich. It’s hard to argue with that. Just enjoy the ad, it’s amazing.

6. Hennessy X.O - "Life is the Greatest Odyssey" directed by Damien Chazelle

Why: the ad shouldn’t be this good. But Hennessy goes all-in with this splendid Damien Chazelle-directed campaign that celebrates human emotions and memories. Not only does it feature stunning visuals and an almost 7-minute-long running time. It reunites Chazelle with Justin Hurwitz, an Academy Award-winning composer responsible for that tear-jerking soundtrack to La La Land. Basically, it’s a piece of art disguised as advertising and one of the best ads in 2023.

7.  Huge 3D flip phone on a billboard - Samsung

Why: famous football player Raheem Sterling and broadcaster Fearne Cotton lead this physical-meets-digital campaign by Samsung. The company decided to impress by literally attaching a gigantic 3D Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip5 to the billboards. The result is a fantastic display of the power of the OOH and an ultimate “wow” advertisement.

8. Carefully Crafted - Mercer + Prince

Why: American superstar rapper slash Rihanna’s husband ASAP Rocky has a whisky brand called Mercer + Prince. Their 2023 ad is a vivid celebration of colors and designs featuring eye-candy footage of Rocky inspecting the process of creation. Regarding the visuals, it’s a feast and we absolutely love the direction.

9. Lay's - Goats for Messi

Why: that’s advertising gold and without any doubt one of the best ads in 2023. Lay’s gathers 807 goats to form Messi’s face on the grass celebrating the Argentinian footballer’s 807 goals and his transfer to the USA. Why goats? G.O.A.T. is “greatest of all times” in internet lingo and this campaign is a pure creative magnificence. The clip is only 30 seconds long but it plays all the right notes proving that Lay’s masterfully lives in a marketing moment.

10. Best Ads: Apple at Work - The Underdogs: Swiped Mac

Why: we’ve officially entered a new era of online advertising. The “short film” ad. Apple nails it with “The Underdogs: Swiped Mac”, an immersive storytelling-powered campaign that showcases the company’s privacy and security features. It follows an office worker whose MacBook is stolen by two thieves. Our hero uses all the security features to get it back. All of it with a good dose of light-hearted humor and beautiful visuals. That’s a very smart way to market your product, well done Apple.

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