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LG unveils a transparent OLED table in Starbucks in South Korea

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 13, 2023
May 29, 2024

Digital signage is great for creating a special atmosphere at the coffee shop. The latest transparent OLED table in South Korea's Yeosu Starbucks is an amazing example of that.

The background: LG has brought digital magic to one of the most beautifully-placed Starbucks addresses in South Korea. THE (a Starbucks distinction for an elevated experience coffee shop in an exceptional location) Yeosu Dolsan DT store overlooking the ocean is where you find the latest screen installation of the company. The interior was complimented by the 8-meter-long table made of 12 55” transparent OLED displays.

The feature has positively changed the outlook of the coffee shop and turned it into an attraction in its own right. The table is placed right in the center of the store alongside the counter so it's impossible to miss it. The design of the cafe serves as a continuation of the beautiful ocean landscape of Yeosu with pastel-colored tones and gentle lines.

But it's not only about the wow effect per se here, LG has enabled several visual storylines that are broadcasted via the OLED. The first and the longest one is "The Sea of Yeosu", an 8-minute tribute to the crashing waves that create a soothing feel. Then there's "Yeosu at Night" which provides a darker color scheme of digital patterns. Finally, "The Memory of Yeosu" puts an emphasis on the abstract representation of the oceanside city.

In other words, it's a very conceptual project that cleverly accentuates the location and tells visual stories that are beautiful and unintrusive. Moreover, the screen can "recognize" if the objects are placed on top of it with a rippling-like reaction. It's playful and interactive.

Why we love it: often digital signage is regarded solely by its capabilities in visualizing promotions and deals. This LG activation shows that big brands are successfully embracing the conceptual power of the screens by applying its attention-grabbing powers within the interior design space.

The creation of the right atmosphere with digital means is definitely something everyone should consider.  In this case, Starbucks decided to put emphasis on the location and we love how the whole thing plays out.

The company said in a statement that such an installation "not only facilitates interactive communication between customers and partners but also promises an opportunity to experience Starbucks’ innovation". And that's exactly what looking forward is all about. Being open to innovation and ready to push the borders.

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