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Top 5 Digital Signage Events in the World

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 1, 2022
May 29, 2024

Attending one of the digital signage events is a fantastic way to keep up with the quick pace of change in technology. And who doesn’t like a good trade show? You go there to network with people, discover new exciting things, like new trends in digital signage for events, mingle with like-minded tech enthusiasts, find new business partners, or simply have fun.

Kitcast is the popular event digital signage. You can regularly find our booth on the best AV happenings around the world ready to meet awesome people, present our product, and see the products of others.

Here are the top digital signage events in the world

1. Digital Signage Expo (DSE)

When: November

Where: Las Vegas 

Why you should attend: the biggest trade show in the world devoted to digital signage. Do you need any other reasons really? DSE is something you always have in your schedule for November. A place, where all that’s hot in the industry is present. 

As an exhibitor (which Kitcast has been over the last few years), you’re getting a great crowd of like-minded individuals. As a visitor, you’re entering the exciting world of signage technology which all the major players present. 

But it’s much more than a trade show, it’s a 360-degree experience with keynotes, lectures, exhibitions, installations, fun, and excellent networking. Because when you’re paying for the conference ticket you want some high-quality conversations and opportunities. With DSE you’re playing safe.

Definitely one of the top digital signage events in the world.

2. InfoComm

When: June

Where: 2023 edition will be held in Orlando

Why you should attend: it’s all about the AV at InfoComm. Every year the event makes headlines in the tech press with the new technologies being presented. Digital signage has a strong presence there, it’s at the core of Infocomm’s ethos. 

With more than 25000 attendees yearly, a colorful educational track, an insightful keynote schedule, and participants from all the US states and the world, you’re getting a highly inspirational event. It’s perfect for catching up with AV tweeps, networking, exchanging ideas, looking for partners, seeing what’s new, and understanding novel trends. 

As for the exhibitors, the place is booming with cool AV stuff. It’s very futuristic, fun, and comprehensive. You’ve got more than 7000 exhibitors so plenty of things to discover.  

And all of us InfoComm adherents love the fact that it’s held in sunny Orlando. You simply can’t beat the Florida cheer and you’re never far from the waters of the Gulf after a fulfilling day at the show.

3. CES

When: January

Where: Las Vegas

Why you should attend: CES is a fixture in the world of technology. Here you can see a digital performance by Billy Eilish, witness the prototypes of autonomous cars, interact with robots of all shapes and sizes, find out what’s hot in the flat-screen TV scene, and visit thousands of booths by many leading tech brands. 

Digital signage is a part of this spectacle of “what’s next”. While two previous conferences are mostly focused on screen technology, CES is about electronics as a whole. And it’s a very universal event, one that has a cross-industry appeal and is talked about in the mainstream press. 

It’s huge, it’s entertaining, and it’s a must for anyone who wants to keep his hand on the pulse of cutting-edge technology.

4. Integrated Systems Europe

When: February 

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Why you should attend: it’s a very specialized event focused on integrated AV. Also, ISE is one of the largest trade shows focused on integrated technologies in Europe. That’s why it’s an obligatory event for any company or individual who’s in the digital signage industry. 

Usually, it takes 4 days and includes a wide range of lectures, keynotes, and round tables that talk about the current state of things in the AV industry. The exhibition zone is also a fantastic spot to discover with more than a thousand companies showcasing and premiering their products. 

As for the location, it’s hard to beat Barcelona in terms of beauty. By attending Integrated Systems Europe you’re also traveling to one of the most vibrant cities in the world with plenty of things to do.

5. Digital Signage Summit Europe

When: July

Where: Munich, Germany

Why you should attend: DSS is a boutique digital signage-only event with a German flare that is a great idea if you want to stay on the topic of the screens and everything that’s connected with them. Every year it brings a fantastic cohort of thinkers, professionals, and lecturers that provide their thoughts on the industry, give directions and provide helpful business tips. 

It’s also a great event if you’re looking into penetrating the European market. Munich is the central city of the continent and with DSS you’re getting a fantastic entry point for this area. 

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