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8 Top Clothing Retailers to Follow on Instagram

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 20, 2022
May 29, 2024

Top clothing retailers love Instagram. It’s their natural playground, it’s a space where they can sell better. Catering predominately to the younger audience, clothing retailers can reach the hearts and wallets easier on this social media network. And we’re here to see how exactly they do it. 

1. H&M 


Why: H&M rules Instagram. That’s an uncontested fact. 38.5M followers, a feed that absorbs you with superb content, and the presence of celebrities. And, overall, a great understanding of the platform, pushing forward the conventional status quo and bringing immense creativity to the world of fast fashion.

Also, Jane Fonda as a model? It’s really an awesome move from H&M and the way they broadcast their marketing through social is a huge learning point for everyone who's just starting. 

2. Primark


Why: there will be lots of colors, lots of cool content, and lots of celebrities in-the-now on Primark’s Instagram page. And that looks great considering the young audience that this fast fashion brand caters to. Also, we love the eclecticism of their content choices.

If H&M puts focus on the studio photos and high-quality videos, Primark does things a little differently. Their game is less filter and more authenticity (even though we know that it’s filtered too). Results are very vibrant and very lively, a page that makes you want to endlessly scroll through to see what the brand has prepared. 



Why: Mango is all about aesthetics. The content here is curated and very much high-quality Vogue-like. And it’s a good thing. Also, keep an eye out for the way they do influencer marketing. Mango has this thing called “Mango girl” where they feature a model wearing their clothes. This is a perfect example of influencer marketing done right. 

4. Forever21


Why: if you want some feel-good attitude, you go to Forever21's Instagram account. One of the top clothing retailers on Instagram, it is not shy of putting out less glamorous content and it’s a smart calculation here. Their photos and videos are largely situational and unfiltered. 

The brand is good at keeping its hand on the pulse of the youth aesthetics. The variety of content is awesome too. You’ve got impromptu photos, professionally produced videos, chunks of interviews, and mood pieces all working together to make Forever21 sell better.

5. Bershka


Why: Bershka’s Instagram account looks like something out of the handbook for the typical Coachella model influencer profile. And it’s a good thing in this case. Pastel-colored, boasting sepia-powered visuals, and sporting crazy aesthetics, it’s all about Bershka.

Add collaborations with such giants as Netflix, keeping up with the latest technology trends (like AR avatars wearing Bershka clothes (what?)), and throwing some WTF to the mix here and there. This is a great approach if you ask us. And it’s definitely justified for one of the top clothing retailers in the world.

6. Gap 


Why: the minimalist allure and focus on photo content define Gap’s Instagram. Yes, it may not be as bombastic as the ones that came previously on this list. But it doesn’t have to really. Gap’s proposition is simple, it was always delivering the smart casual in its plain form, and its Instagram translates that into high-quality fashion content.

7. Urban Outfitters


Why: it’s all pretty straightforward on Urban Outfitters' Instagram account, but we’re in love with their colors and the quality. Everything is well-organized and aesthetically pleasing. The focus is almost always on the products either worn by influencers or shown through promotional photos. Also, they do great work with special propositions, every week there is a post with some discount codes or great bargain prices. 

8. Boohoo


Why: boohoo is a well-known UK online-only retailer and, to be honest, it is the one that does Instagram a little bit differently from the others. Sure, there are obligatory photos of influencers and models wearing their clothes, the Instagrammable colors, the attention to the overall pattern, and the youth-oriented approach.

But how about the tips on adulting? Or special career advice from Kitcast for those who start their working path? Boohoo masterfully utilizes every single tool Instagram has to offer and aces them. Their social media understanding is pure perfection. Definitely a follow.

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