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Top 7 Booths of ISE Barcelona 2024

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 3, 2024
May 29, 2024

We're fresh from ISE Barcelona 2024, Spain and it's time to have a list of the coolest booths of the show. The conference was truly enormous. 66,000 square meters of exhibitor stand space, eight halls, and 1,408 exhibitors. In other words, there was a lot to unpack. And Kitcast team had a chance to see and experience the creme-de-la-creme of the show. And here's our definitive list of the top booths of ISE 2024.

1. Ferrari - Alfalite


Why: imagine you're walking through the huge floors of Gran Via Fira Barcelona and there's an actual Ferrari standing. Not only you can touch it, but you can also get inside and have your video taken using a professional camera. Alfalite has brought their LedWall cinematic screens to the show and it honestly was one of the coolest booths of ISE Barcelona 2024 hands-down.

The recipe for success here wasn't a Ferrari itself. Fancy cars are not that hard to come by at such big shows. It was about the interactivity. You can become a hero of your own micro-adventure, experience the car in a personalized way, and have a memory. The company took your video and then submitted it via email. Win-win for everyone.

2. The Wall - Samsung


Why: an instant show-stopper. Every time we walked by Samsung's booth, we couldn't help but stop and stare. Ultra-detailed The Wall is a visual revelation. South Korean company made sure to make the experience memorable by coming up with various themes and epic music to accompany the spectacle. It seems that the calculations were on point. The Wall had video-taking crowds at all times of ISE 2024's operation.

Also, the gigantic screen was used as a "gate" to the big Samsung booth which was quite an interesting walk by itself. The company put an emphasis on the immersive in 2024 and the booth featured many awesome solutions for retail, education, restaurants, and smart cities. As for The Wall, the visual with the waves was gorgeous and took our breath straight away.

3. Box by M-Cube


Why: instore digital entertainment provider M-Cube came to ISE with a spectacularly-looking screen-filled box that was impossible to ignore. Comprised of LEDs, it created a perfect background for photos and videos and literally transported you to a different visual dimension with the help of digital technology. Probably, in terms of immersion, this box would have a winning place on our list. The execution is stellar, the screens are high-quality, and the feeling of detachment from reality while inside is absolute. The mirrors amplified the effect too.

4. Salsa Squirrel Hologram - Chipshow


Why: you may have seen its moves on our TikTok or ISE Barcelona 2024 recaps. We fell in love with the salsa squirrel. We don't know exactly why Chinese manufacturer Chipshow decided to go with this kind of content for their hologram showcase. But we are completely for giving more exposure to this cute dancing furry digital animal. It was a delight to see something genuinely silly on the showgrounds. And while it appeared only briefly, it has made our day. Dance on, you little squirrel, dance on.

5. LG had one of the coolest booths at ISE 2024


Why: while The Wall was definitely an event for ISE Barcelona 2024, so was LG's Public Media Art installation. The latter featured the kinetic movement of the LED panels and had a dramatic musical accompaniment. As for the visuals, there were mostly abstract things that showed the engaging power of this mega screen.

But it's not only the public art that LG brought to the show, their booth was amazing too. Upon entering you find yourself in a world of immersive experiences, transparent screens, and superb LG tech. Moreover, there was an actual bar showcasing the power of the transparent LG screen technology.

6. Awakeney AI


Why: Awakeney wasn't perfect. She misheard the word "Kitcast" and searched for "kick-ass digital signage software" instead. When corrected, she still wasn't able to understand the query. But who is perfect, anyway? When we see an AI hologram that we can have a conversation with, we're instantly in love. In this case, it was giving very Blade Runeresque and Her vibes with all the hand movements, the uber-friendly attitude, and willingness to help. Awakeney will learn from her mistakes and eventually become a better AI personality. And we will support her in this. Thanks for a fruitful conversation, dear hologram. Let's meet again sometime.

7. ISE BArcelona 2024: Dancing Lady - XR Studio


Why: while Ferrari and salsa squirrel were fun enough, one of the coolest booths came from the Chinese XR Studio. It featured a real person. At least, that's how it seemed like, being at such a technology-packed show as ISE Barcelona 2024 you're never quite sure. When other companies used props to showcase the AR capabilities and screens, XR Studio employed a dancer to do that. And that was quite a show. Gracefully moving on the interactive digital platform, the lady didn't mind crowds of onlookers. She was in her dancing zone and gave it her everything.

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