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TOP-3 Digital Signage Hardware Solutions

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 3, 2021
May 29, 2024

Digital signage hardware is important for a smooth experience. In tandem with the right software, it can ensure that your whole system works properly and you’re gaining from this solution. This article will help you to choose the best hardware for your business.

When it comes to installing a digital signage network, the first thing you should consider is getting all the elements adequately to the goals you’re setting. To be successful in display technology, you have to make sure that the system is stable, it can run fast and it is simple to use. Otherwise, you risk getting a malfunctioning network. That, in turn, will lead to stress and potential loss of money. 

What is the digital signage player hardware?

Digital signage hardware is a device that allows you to run software and broadcast content using the screen. 

It is the vital link between the content and the actual visual presentation. That’s why its capabilities are essential to know before starting building your network. 

In this article, we will talk about cloud-based digital signage hardware solutions. These are the new generation of display technology that doesn’t require much tech knowledge to set up. They are ideal for businesses that are looking for a rapid and effective marketing solution. 

How to choose the best digital signage hardware?

Streaming devices differ in capabilities and the key to choosing the right one lays in knowing your business well and clearly seeing the content strategy. It depends.

For example, if you’re a small shop with 3 screens, a budget-oriented Amazon Fire TV Stick would work perfectly. It has 4K broadcast capability, it runs great on small amounts of content and it is very affordable. However, if you’re looking into running more screens than that and you’d like to show different types of visual material including live streams, weather widgets, interactive pieces, then Apple TV would be a much better choice.

Also, a lot will depend on the software you’re using with your streaming device. Because often the lagging, the broadcast problems or bugs are not the faults of the device itself. It is the fault of buggy software. And if you go with a bad option there, you are guaranteed to have a headache or two. 

So choose wisely. Read the reviews online, look for the reputation in the industry. Also, the support is really important for digital signage software, so if it’s only workdays, for example, that’s already a red flag. 

Let’s look closely at the TOP 3 most popular digital signage hardware solutions that exist on the market right now. 

Apple TV

It is our best choice for a streaming device. Slick, compact, and extremely powerful, it ensures an extra-smooth performance without compromising security. Apple’s ecosystem is flawless and its approach resonates with our vision of the technology of the future. 

It’s extremely intuitive, it boasts a fantastic in-field performance, and, most importantly, it gets the job done every single time. Our app, Kitcast, was developed with Apple TV in mind and we’re proud to be one of the leaders in digital signage solutions for this device. 

What is absolutely great about Apple TV, is that with the right software it can be applied in digital signage networks of 5-10 and in those who have more than 100. It is a Jack-of-all-trades kind of a solution so it’s our strong recommendation to opt for Apple TV for your digital signage. 

Android TV

Competing with Apple in the market of streaming TV solutions, Android TV is a great pick too. But if the Apple TV box comes in two variants (4K and HD), Android TV is an OS and not one device. There are just so many options you can choose from with many popular tech companies like Sharp, Sony, Xiaomi offering their devices using the OS or having the OS built-in the screens. 

This leads to certain complications as you should check carefully as the devices sold with Android TV inside can be capable of showing your content. 

With that figured out, Android TV is also a fantastic way to start your digital signage journey. If you choose a TV box running on this OS, Kitcast has you covered too. We have an application that turns your streaming device into powerful digital signage hardware that scores with awesome content. 

Google Chromecast 

With a super low price and a quite wide array of streaming possibilities, Google Chromecast is a great affordable digital signage choice when your budget is low and you’re not going to show anything more than, for example, pictures and short videos. 

The problem with Chromecast is that it was not destined to be a digital signage hardware device. That means less flexibility, limited storage space, more chance of lagging, and less responsive support. 

If you’re absolutely sure that you won’t be expanding your digital signage network and don’t want to spend much, it can be a good choice. But if you’re looking to have something more professional, better go with Apple TV and Android TV devices for digital signage.  

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