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Tips of The Week: Why Using Digital Signage at PoS is a Great Idea

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 24, 2019
May 29, 2024

There are plenty of options you may consider to drive more sales and get more profit. We genuinely believe that advanced technologies are essential for you if you aim for real success. Among the most popular tech improvements that can help you change the PoS experience of your customers is digital signage.

Basically, we’re talking about installing one or more displays powered by the digital signage software to ease the life for both customers and your employees. Studies show that more than 70% of customers make impulsive purchases making the decision inside the store.

You just need to guide your client to that sale and impact his final decision smartly. There are plenty of benefits that you get along with the digital signage system, and today, we’ll show you where to start.

1. Let your client choose the payment options

Your PoS improvement can start with a very simple upgrade to the shopping experience of your customers — let them choose the payment method on the touchscreen during the check-out.

This will open more opportunities for you to let them pay with their PayPal, Amazon Pay accounts, and other online payment methods. Allowing your visitors to use a broader range of payment system will essentially drive more clients.

2. Another chance to upsell

Another chance to upsell - Kitcast Blog

Using digital signage displays at the PoS opens plenty of opportunities for the upselling.

Studies show that it’s five times more likely to sell something to an already existing customer rather than to a newcomer. This general statistics should also give you a hint on why upsales are crucial for your business revenue. If you do it right, you’ll have a significant flow of additional profit to your general sales.

Upselling requires caution and a smart approach. Make sure you offer something your visitors may have forgot to get. The idea behind it is to bring something valuable as a bonus. Some tech stores prefer to upsell the expanded limited lifetime warranty to their customers at PoS. It’s quite easy to add this upselling feature on your screens using digital signage software.

3. Run promotions and discounts on digital signage screen

Upsale is not the only thing that can be sold as a bonus. Consider running promotions and giving discount codes at PoS for additional actions performed by your visitors. For example, awarding the social media mention with a tasty 10% discounts.

4. Restaurant digital signage revolutionizes the PoS experience

Restaurants and fast food chains are playing at the whole new level. They use the digital signage software to power their PoS terminals where people can order the food skipping the line.

If you’re a restaurant or cafeteria owner,  just give this approach a try.

5. Help employees manage the transactional and inventory data

Digital signage software is a very complex structure that benefits both employees of your company and visitors you serve. When we talk about improving the work of your PoS from the employee side, consider syncing your transactional and inventory data with the digital signage system.

Your employees will be able to control two essential elements of your business from the touchscreen signage display in a few taps. Optimize the working space of your PoS and enjoy the results.

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