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Tips Of The Week: Why Social Media Content Matters in Your DS

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 20, 2019
May 29, 2024

Social media platforms are essential for any company no matter what niche it enters. Not marking your presence on those basically means losing thousands of sales and potential clients.

Nowadays social media can be easily integrated with outdoor advertising like the DOOH advertising spots.

Today we’ll guide you through the core reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the social media while installing your signage displays and running outdoor advertising.

You can start small and improve your work with the social media step-by-step.

Brings you infinite user-generated content

And the reason why you’ve got to do that is the user-generated content that you get when people start interacting with your brand online. Regular website along with some advertising billboards will not do the trick for you unless you go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (depending on which one your target audience prefers).

Making a thorough research on your audience and getting in touch with them online will not just help you form the way online customers get to know your brand. It also allows you to give them a chance to create and participate in the brand’s social life together as well.

User-generated digital signage content is literally anything your clients create and post on social media platforms about your brand. Since digital signage allows you to integrate these platforms with the displays in your store, restaurant, hotel, mall or any other public place — you can encourage your signage viewers to tell the world more about your brand.

Simple screens with the touch screen feature and a promotional hashtag will create tons of photos and posts that you’ll be able to add to the dynamic feed of your digital signage content.

Offers live interaction with your clients

Social media content is not the only thing your brand can benefit. Since social media is about communication, your brand can use them to reach out to your clients and provide them with a chance to speak up.

Offers live interaction with your clients - Kitcast Blog

Having a good feedback system is essential in 2019. Customers are always right, and they know it, so you should rely on their reviews and ideas while working on your brand improvements.

To make sure that every client has a chance to send his/her feedback, you can use digital signage systems along with the social media integration software.

This doesn’t mean that you should create a sort of ‘negative review wasteland’ in your social media profiles. Reviews and feedback are not just about the negative experience. Many clients will be happy to share their successful interaction with your brands, and you’ll be able to showcase their happy reviews on your screens in the store, hotel lobby or restaurant. It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you run; it’s always great to have a chance to do this.

Spreads the word about your products online

There are plenty of ways to tell the world about your products. However, it’s a bit harder to widen your audience at low cost nowadays. That’s where digital signage comes handy.

Here’s a simple idea you can use to help your products reach more people online. You can install a display near your best selling product and allow people to share the link to this product online in their social media accounts.

This is just one social media idea out of hundreds possible. Your social media content calendar can include dozens of those. Run tests, make adjustments and experiment.

Allows you to curate your brand’s voice on the go

We’ve got used to the fact that our social media accounts are in a few taps away. Having a smartphone in your pocket or a laptop in your bag is your key to all social profiles of yours.

Apart from the ability to manage your digital signage content on the go, you can access your social media feed of content through any modern signage software. Working with those two closely allows you to dictate the voice of your brand on the go without any additional hassle.

All you need is a decent software and good creative ideas to start with.


Social media content may sometimes be hard to create. However, when you manage to understand the basics of social media interaction, you’re entering the whole new level of online marketing. If you already use digital signage for advertising your brand to millions of users, you should consider integrating those two worlds. The symbiosis of good social media content ideas and your digital outdoor advertising system will result in powerful marketing and boost your conversions drastically.

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