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Tips Of The Week: Building A Bond With Your Employees

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
April 25, 2019
May 29, 2024

Keeping your employees motivated and building a good relationship is already a job itself. However, there are best practices that you can follow to improve your communication within the team.

Building a so-called ‘bond’ is crucial in making your company successful. Mostly big enterprises that lack a friendly family-like atmosphere in the office either fail or have to pay huge wages to keep fighting for the best professionals on the labor market.

Today we’ve prepared tips that you can apply to your everyday boss life and boost the development of your work relationship towards better results.

Always keep your door open

The rule of thumb in management is to keep all the communication channels open.

When it comes to the corporate culture, the most promising CEOs and managers keep saying that there is no way to succeed without the constant conversation between you and your employees.

So always keep your door open for anyone who wants to talk. It doesn’t matter whether it’s work-related or a regular life issue. Save some time for a pep talk; it’s always good.

Schedule weekly meetings

Weekly meetings disappeared from the corporate culture of startups, and daily stand-ups got into the game. We admit that daily sessions are great, but you also need to have a more general discussion once a week or month to see where your company’s going.

Scheduling these meetings may be way more manageable if you have a system to make conference room bookings. One of the things you can benefit from is office digital signage. The touchscreen display will allow you to manage the meeting schedule and simply give a convenient tool for meetings management that any employee can access at any time in the hall.

Be transparent and acknowledge accomplishments

Since we’re talking about digital signage corporate communications, I’d recommend you also considering to put a few displays around the office so that you could deliver general messages or alerts to the team.

Basically, you can use corporate digital signage software to showcase the accomplishments of every employee or announce an upcoming event. It’s convenient and will just take a few minutes to send any type of content onto the screens.

Get together outside of your office

Speaking of events! There are different types of activities you may run within your company. Your team deserves the best, so you should always remember that a work-related meeting is not the thing that motivates. It’s all about how your employees relax and have a break.

Make sure you or your human resources manager plans a party by the pool or simply a ‘let’s grab a beer’ kind of event. That’s where you’ll be able to hang out with your team and get to know them better.

It’s always essential for your employees to see you not just as a boss, but as a human being who loves to party and knows how to be a good friend or mentor.

Never fake a good guy

This mentorship we mentioned in the previous section is a tricky thing as well. Your team members will always see the fake good guy attitude that you may decide to use. There is no need to fake anything.

Just remember to treat your employees well and support them, so they could understand how important they are for the company and the product they make.

Faking is not the best way to do anything, so just take your time and understand that there is nothing more inspiring than just a good one on one conversation with a wise and kind person.


There are lots of approaches you can use while trying to build a good relationship with your employees. We recommend you to remember that new technologies can also help you with that. For example, things like office digital signage can really improve your corporate communications.

When we talk about choosing the best corporate digital signage, it’s way easier than hiring another office manager and wasting your budget and time. Corporate signage software is an affordable solution for your company’s communications, so don’t neglect this great opportunity.

Also, make sure you always stay a good person and a skilled professional when you’re at work. Your employees will respect you more because of how good you are as a pro rather than how much you yell at them.

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