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Tips Of The Week: Bonding With Your Hotel Visitors

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 6, 2019
May 29, 2024

Running your own hotel is a very complex task when it comes to bonding with the visitors you face daily. You need to make sure that the experience of your guests will be plain and simple on every stage starting from the booking and finishing with leaving the keys and saying goodbye.

There are several digital hotel solutions that you can apply to your business and improve your guest’s stay. One of the most undervalued so far is the digital signage for hotels, and we’re ready to reveal all the secrets on how you can benefit from using signage in your hotel.

Applying this innovative approach will help you not only stand out from the crowd of old-fashioned hotels, but also be a few steps ahead of your competitors. Let’s highlight the possible solutions that hotel digital signage can bring you.

Entertain your lobby visitors with hotel digital signage

The lobby is not just a place where people get the keys and move-in. It’s usually the place where guests can sit with their laptops, magazines or coffee and chat with each other.

Some hotels managed to install TV screens with news channels to keep their guests up to date with the local news. However, it’s not the only thing you can show your guests to keep them entertained.

Digital signage software for hotels allows you to use the dynamic feed of content that you can control from your laptop. Chances are you want to show more than just one type of content, and that’s where signage software becomes your best tool for content delivery.

Pictures, videos, charts, presentations, social media integration, etc. This feature is fundamental. You can easily showcase anything you want to your visitors and make their lobby time generally more fun.

Install hotel digital signage instead of an information desk

Any visitor entering your hotel will have a huge bag of questions. You must ease his interaction with your hotel reception desk and make sure he gets all his questions answered fast.

One of the great ways to deliver complicated information entertainingly and present the answers to the frequently asked questions is a digital information stand.

Install hotel digital signage instead of an information desk - Kitcast Blog

There is no need to hire too many reception workers; you can easily install displays across your hotel with the FAQ and interactive feedback forms. Basically, setting up one-two signage screens on each floor will eliminate the need of calling for help every time your guest has a simple question.

Thus using signage stands with the useful information and touch screen feature to send digital maintenance or cleaning requests will ease the interaction with your room service and reception workers.

Market your in-house events

Building a stronger bond between you and your visitors implies social gatherings and entertainment events. Of course, running these events is not enough, you have to make sure your visitors know what’s going on and when they can attend an upcoming party.

Hotel digital signage can help you with that. You can either promote your events and parties with regular ads or create an entire interactive schedule that every visitor will be able to review.

Interactive wayfinding

Having that bond between you and your guest means having no significant issues during the stay. To avoid that, you should ensure the ease of wayfinding. Providing your customer with the tool for wayfinding will eliminate possible problems and negative emotions.

Interactive wayfinding - Kitcast Blog

Hotel signage solutions provide you with all the tools to build a wayfinding system and make it truly interactive. Installing touch screen displays with an interactive map should be enough to rebuild the whole wayfinding experience into something plain and simple.

Digital menu boards for in-house cafeteria

When we talk about hotel solutions, it’s important to remember what are the other services you provide your guests with. Among the others, we want to highlight the in-house cafe or restaurant that usually may generate a more significant revenue compared to other additional services.

Digital signage for hotels allows you to set up digital menu boards and make the ordering process faster. Because your guests may be in a hurry to see the city or go to the beach, it’s a great way to ease their life and improve their hotel experience in general.

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