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“The source of emotion is difficult to backtrack”: DynaScan’s Joe Hasenzahl on visual recognition.

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 31, 2019
May 29, 2024

During our podcast interview with Joe Hasenzahl (Director of Advanced Retail Solutions at DynaScan) at the DSSE earlier this month, we discussed the prospects and challenges for computer visual recognition tech. With many technology insights and fascinating ideas, this interview can be a helping hand for companies that want to opt for new digital signage solutions in their marketing research and promotion. Age, gender, emotion – exactly how deep is the data analysis when it comes to computer visual recognition?

“It’s driven by the business case. What's interesting for me is what you will do with this information. We’ve all been talking about emotion. What does that do to the person making decisions about content? Is that influencing what’s happening? And I struggle to articulate why would we collect if this information if it doesn’t directly contribute to defining a better experience. Because it’s emotion – what’s it really driven by? Is it driven by the frustration you experience getting into the retail environment? Is it actually influenced by the puppies you saw on the screen? The source of emotion is difficult to backtrack. While I’m intrigued by it I struggle to find a use case that makes a lot of sense. Gender and age groupings make perfect sense.  Advertisers are especially interested in that information. We can start talking about using that kind of information to form a more intelligent playlist. That’s a fairly linear and logical conversation. The rest of it, some of it makes more sense than other elements. There are data sets that we’re gonna be able to collect that we haven’t even thought about yet.” Joe Hasenzahl

Listen to the full podcast interview with Joe Hasenzahl to learn how visual recognition in digital signage creates new marketing possibilities and allows any business to understand its audience at last:

Kitcast Podcast feat DynaScan – Episode 7 – What About Visual Recognition Tech?

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