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The new Apple Christmas ad is a relatable tear-jerker

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 22, 2023
May 29, 2024

The Cupertino company is a bit late to the holiday commercial game, but the Apple Christmas ad is a sure hit and an essential festive viewing. Just have a napkin close by as tearing up is guaranteed.



The plot: the video starts with stop-motion animation. A grumpy man steals from the charity box, loses his clothes to the wind, and gets a pile of snow thrown on him. As a viewer, you're wondering what comes next as the hero doesn't seem like a likable character.

We discover that it's all a creative side project of a young woman. We're in real life again and are transported to the festive (and very grey) London where our protagonist works. Her day-to-day life is poisoned by the grouchy boss. He's truly unpleasant kind. The bog ignores the young woman, gives her irritated stares, and closes the door right in front of her face.

The stop-motion animation, as we learn, is the way she expresses her disdain for her boss. The cartoonish version of the man is being put through various beating, electrifying, and watering ordeals. That's not pretty but his behavior isn't either.

One day the man gives everyone Christmas gifts and the girl starts wondering what hides behind his grumpy facade. As she walks down the street she sees her boss dining alone in the cafe. A scene rings in her heart and the woman changes the plot of her stop-motion film. The boss has been lonely all this time and she "gifts" him a dog in the cartoon to bring light into his life.

The video ends with the girl coming to the man in the workplace cafeteria and they have a chatter.

Why we love it: first of all, it's a full-fledged 4-minute short film. Apple Christmas ad is an ambitious kind of holiday commercial, a cinematic one.

Then, there's the soundtrack that hits all the right notes in your heart. We're talking about George Harrison’s ‘Isn’t It a Pity’ which fits perfectly to the atmosphere and the vibe of the video.

One of the most touching moments of the commercial for us is when the woman sees her boss dining alone. It serves as the emotional crescendo of the ad and combined with music brings you to tears. Now that's exactly how you do a memorable Christmas ad that is different from the others.

It's not a trivial Santa story, it's a relatable employee-boss struggle depiction with a Christmassy edge. The new Apple Christmas ad is not for everyone but we're sold.

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