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7 Best Sustainability Campaigns in 2023

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 2, 2023
May 29, 2024

Sustainability is high on the campaign agendas of world-leading brands. And it’s definitely a great thing. The more environmentally important issues are being talked about the better it is for the planet. 2023 is a great year for eco-conscious campaigning, we’ve seen some awesome projects already. That’s why we’d like to celebrate them by sharing the best sustainability campaigns in 2023 with you.

1. Inter Miami x (Re)Boot Apparel Campaign

sustainability campaigns Inter Miami

Why: with the latest Messi transfer, Inter Miami has a lot going on right now. The eyes of the whole football community are looking their way. It’s refreshing to see that the club uses all of this attention to address important environmental issues. 

The Florida megaclub partners with (re)Boot, the sports apparel brand that is focused on upcycling discarded sports clothes. Founded by the former football player Gabriella Mas, (re)Boot recognized the problem of a quick discharge of clothing in sports and chose to act on it. With Inter Miami collab their business will be able to gain necessary traction so it’s a great move altogether.

2. E.ON Climate Change Ad

Why: instead of talking, show it. That’s the way German electric utility company E.ON chooses to do a campaign. We see various people doing the routing things as the world around them is literally crumbling to pieces. It’s the Apocalypse unfolding with burning forests, tornadoes, melting ice, and flooded villages. The future is not nice. But there’s hope and this hope is sustainability. E.ON sells solar panels and that’s a perfect way to position their product.

3. Sustainability podcast by Puma

sustainability campaigns - Puma

Why: things get interesting in the sportswear industry. Puma has launched a whole podcast series devoted to sustainability and it is quite an original way to tackle the climate change and eco-related issues by the brand that has a vast production around the world. Also, as the company put it, having a podcast is a way not to “oversimplify” things and give pressing environmental issues a fitting representation. 

There are 10 episodes, the talking heads are the popular Gen-Z voices, and the whole podcast is reflecting on the sustainability and human rights-related ideas from the company’s 2022 Sustainability Report.

4. WhatsApp game about nature reserves - WWF

Why: we love when marketing gets really creative. The famous conservation organization WWF went a very original way with their efforts of shedding light on the necessity of increasing the number of nature reserves in Germany. Instead of doing billboards or producing a video, the organization created… a game. For WhatsApp. 

If you were caught off guard by discovering that the Facebook-owned messaging behemoth has a gaming side, you are not alone. But WhatsApp is also the most used messaging app in Germany, so WWF’s calculation seems safe. And how beautiful is the idea of creating a game that allows users to rescue animals and save the forest ecosystem? Definitely one of the best sustainability campaigns of 2023.

5. Uncrap The World - Who Gives a Crap

Why: it’s all puns and bum-related word games in the latest DOOH campaign by the 100% recycled tissue toilet paper brand Who Gives a Crap. In a bit of a lighthearted yet powerful sustainable advertisement, the company calls customers to save the world by using toilet paper that understands and tackles the drastic impact of the classic toilet paper industry on the forests. Who Gives a Crap uses a humorous approach to sell and it works given the environmental focus of the company.

6. Earth Day campaign - Purpose Disruptors

Why: it gets quite meta with Purpose Disruptor’s latest DOOH campaign on climate change. The agency uses advertising tropes to address the impact of advertising on the environment while using the most effective advertising techniques and most-seen advertising spaces. But it’s familiar waters for the agency that was created with this specific purpose, to talk loud and clear about how marketing impacts climate change and how action must be taken in order to slow this process.

7. The Drop Store - Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs

sustainability campaigns - Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Why: we love ourselves a little bit of dystopian advertising. Even more interesting when it comes from an unexpected place such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. On the eve of the UN Water Conference 2023, the state institution decided to do something different to address the issue of water scarcity. In cooperation with Publicis Groupe Benelux, the Ministry inaugurated a “grocery shop” installation where water is luxury and costs $198. “Browsing” such a store gives you an idea of what climate change does to a supply chain and how in the end everyone is affected. So, it was the last of the sustainability campaigns 2023.

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