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Surviving At Work In The Age Of Burnout

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 30, 2019
May 29, 2024

The burnout is a predictable grand finale for many career-oriented people. Found the signs of a job depression? Read our detailed guide on how to fight it more effectively.

Living a career-oriented life becomes more trendy every day. For example, in countries like Japan, the government finds it necessary to fight the obsessive idea of working too much. This is a problem that conquers every industry year by year, and this may really affect your daily life in a seriously wrong way. 

Surviving At Work In The Age Of Burnout - Stats - Kitcast Blog

We’ve analyzed the most popular job burnout cases and decided to compile an ultimate guide that should help you fight the job depression when you’re merely tired of work. Our roadmap has ten simple steps. Following them, may help you redefine your life goals, revisit your career perspective, and start living a happier and better life.  

What does a job burnout look like?

Of course, if you ask this question, you either don’t have a real job burnout, or you feel tired of work and want to know for sure whether that is your case. 

While the funny work stress memes tend to entertain us when we see it on Reddit, we tend to forget that we can experience the very real job burnout ourselves. Diagnosing the job depression is easy:

  • You feel like you have nothing to do at work
  • You’re getting too tired of your work and, therefore, no time for fun and entertaining lifestyle
  • You feel like you have too much work and you get really overwhelmed with that
  • This leads you do a depression with constant sadness and thoughts about how your recent hate job meme is not just a funny picture, but a real attitude you have towards your workspace
  • You stop caring about the work results; you’re not motivated enough to approach any task, no matter how difficult it is
  • etc.

There is no magic pill or instant cure for a job burnout

When you’re tired of work and feel like you’re getting a job burnout, you start looking for a magic pill that will make these feelings go away. 

However, it’s essential to understand that a burnout won’t go away after you read just one article or drink some magic motivational cocktail. We genuinely believe that you should change your perspective and approach your problem as a complex issue. It requires you to do a few simple steps that will help you all the depression go away, but you’ve got to be ready that it will take some time.  

Discuss your job burnout with someone

The first mistake that people do when they have a job-related issue is keeping it to themselves. This problem can only develop more if you don’t let it all out. 

When you talk to your friend, tell him that you have too much work and you’re not sure how to deal with the fact that you’re getting a bit depressed about it, he’ll be able to take a look at your problem using his own life experience. Therefore, he’ll be able to give you the advice you may not consider yourself.

Realize that you may be doing too much work

Most of the time, the burnout happens when the manager doesn’t realize that the tasks that he sends you and the deadlines are way off. This results in you getting additional working hours and staying too late at work. 

When you try to deliver a lot of big tasks at the same time, you genuinely start to hate the job that you do, cause it stops being fun at all. 

So one of the options is taking to your manager and telling him that you have too much work. Therefore, it’s hard to follow up on the quality of the tasks that you deliver, etc. Your manager should help you do everything more efficiently and help you avoid burnout. If he doesn’t care, then maybe that’s not the best place for you to work. 

Spend time with your friends even when you seem tired after work

Having fun and entertaining is one of the critical elements of a happier life. When you have a job depression or just too much work at the office, you start to feel too tired after. We want you to find that feeling and spend time with your friends anyway. This helps you clear your mind and relax mentally.

Revisit your values and career goals

Most of the time, you can struggle at work when you stop believing in your life and career goals. 

When you lose motivation, it’s time to take a break and review what you’ve already accomplished. Then, make sure you adjust your life and career goals accordingly and make sure your closest goal is actually achievable. Otherwise, you’ll struggle for too long.

Proper sleep and sports can help you find a job burnout

Sometimes we can struggle mentally when we forget to care more about our bodies. This affects your motivation and overall life mindset. 

First of all, get some sleep and work on your sleep cycle. Improve it day after day. Then, try doing some sports. Your best bet can be running. Running helps you re-think your life while you run and make up your mind to something big and ambitious.

Focus on the basic tasks when you have too much work

Sometimes when we have too much work, we tend to overthink it and believe that it’s impossible to finish those tasks. There is an excellent way of resolving this issue. You can simply break down your more significant task into smaller ones. This way, you’ll finish them one by one and get a feeling of progress. And progress is your direct way to achievements and success.

Take a break from your job burnout

You can always take a vacation or merely a few days off to have some rest. You can use this time to think about your life and career. Relax and give yourself a break from the routine of having too much work.

Job burnout will make a positive impact on your life in a long-term

It doesn’t matter whether you have too much work or nothing to do at work. In both cases, you may experience problems with burnout and job depression. You can think that you’re at your worst, but that is usually the lowest point of your struggle, and the further road is going up. Make sure you understand that resolving this tough situation will help you avoid it in the future. Therefore, it will have a significant impact on your further life.

Final thoughts on fighting the job burnout and job depression

Don’t overthink it. This should be your general rule of thumb. Do you have too much work? Break it down into smaller tasks and tackle them. Make it feel like a quest, a tough game. Nothing to do at work? Think of how you can improve and optimize the work of your department. 

Every situation can be resolved if you have the right mindset!

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