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Best Super Bowl Ads 2023: Our Definitive Rating

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 25, 2023
May 29, 2024

We would like to rate the best Super Bowl ads 2023. Yes, we loved the game, Rihanna, and all the buzz. But it’s the 2023 Super Bowl ads that knocked us off. They were amazing and there was so much to unfold. And there are quite a number of commercials this year.

There were 51 Super Bowl ads in 2023.

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From Ozzy Osbourne to Ben Affleck to cute dogs, here are the Super Bowl ads 2023 ranked from Kitcast.

1. Saving Sawyer - Amazon

Why: are you ready to smile, to cry, and then smile again? Amazon chose the tearjerking approach for their big game commercial and created one of the best Super Bowl 2023 ads. 

Sawyer is an insanely cute dog that lives in a family. Every day he is very sad seeing them leave. Lonely he starts acting silly, biting, and crashing everything in the house. Then the ad has its apogee moment that is guaranteed to induce some panic into the hearts of the poor emotional viewers.

The family browses for a kennel on Amazon. Does it mean that Sawyer leaves? Will they do that to this cute doggo? Thank God, they do the opposite. Kennel is for a puppy, now Sawyer isn’t lonely anymore and everyone’s happy. Beautiful story, thanks Amazon.

2. ‘Drive-Thru’ starring Ben Affleck - Dunkin’

Why: chances are you have heard about this ad or even seen it. Who thought that the crown of the best Super Bowl ad in 2023 would belong to Dunkin’? But here we are, enjoying every second of its existence. Ben Affleck is selling donuts at the Dunkin’ drive-thru in Medford, Massachusetts. If this plot is not enough for you, there’s J Lo too casually driving in and asking Ben to come home.

This is one of the top Super Bowl ads 2023 not only because of the celebrity power. It’s the best because of the masterful usage of the current pop culture agenda and, well, the place of Beniffer in it. Bravissimo on this one, Dunkin’!

3. Thank You Canada - Dave Grohl

Why: it’s not every day that you see Dave Grohl in a liquor advertisement. But Crown Royal got him a nice one. It’s completely about gratitude for one thing. Or country. It’s about Canada and all the things it is famous for.

As you may suspect, Crown Royal is also Canadian spirit. Dave Grohl (Warren, Ohio native) seems like quite a bizarre and charming choice for the role of brand ambassador but we love how effortlessly he lead this awesome Super Bowl ad.

4. Forever - The Farmer’s Dog

Why: you’re sobbing, we know. We do too. Tears are unstoppable with this one. It’s a gem of the Super Bowl ads 2023 that is guaranteed to go down in history as one of the most thoughtful and touching examples of emotional advertising. 

As with Amazon’s dog ad, it’s storytelling-based. But here the whole thing hits you on a different level. We see the almost entire life of a family furry companion through his relationship with a girl. From him running as a puppy with her to being present at her wedding to laying next to the woman pregnant with the first child. The ending is simply too much to handle. The now-old dog is in bed with the now-mother girl and her baby. They look at each other and the whole life flashes behind the dog’s eyes. A masterpiece, no less.

5. Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial - PopCorners

Why: just when you think that the world may have moved to another thing from Breaking Bad, PopCorners does this commercial, and the fanbase goes absolutely bonkers on the internet. The meth-cooking gang is back to business everybody. This time, though, the product is Popcorners snack. Walt and Jesse are here and so is Taco. A perfect combination and one of the most memorable and poignant Super Bowl ads 2023.

6. Fixed on Pixel - Google

Why: when this ad starts you expect another family-friendly tearjerker. The music is ceremonial, the pictures are sentimental, and the mood is building up drama. But Google goes in a totally opposite direction. It’s a commercial for Google Pixel 7’s eraser feature for the photos and we’ve got appearances from such in-the-now celebrities as Amy Schumer, Doja Cat, and even Giannis Antetokounmpo. Well played, Google, well played.

7. The Singularity - Squarespace

Why: get Adam Driver to deliver any line and you have the purest form of drama. That’s exactly what Squarespace employed the actor for in their meta-sci-fi dream sequence “The Singularity”. With a simple tagline like “A website that creates websites” they still managed to get a lot of attention during this year’s Super Bowl. And that’s a great example of betting on the right player.

8. New year. New neighbor. - T-Mobile

Why: T-Mobile creates one of the most memorable and surprising Super Bowl ads of 2023. The company gathers Scrubs alums Zach Braff and Donald Faison to sing a song about home internet with none other than svelte John Travolta. Seriously, the Grease actor is looking as good as ever while delivering bizarre phrases and notes in this charming commercial. It works as a promotion and it works as a silly ad jingle too. It seems that the era of earworms is going back to advertising and we’re all for it. 

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