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5 Awesome Sports Digital Signage Campaigns in 2022: Best of Digital Signage for Stadiums

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 20, 2022
May 29, 2024

Sports digital signage is one of the most effective ways to upgrade the spectator experience, digital signage for stadiums allows the venues to add a new edge to the entertainment they are offering. Is your stadium already using it? Are you considering adding stadium digital signage to the mix? It’s definitely worthwhile to do it. 

It’s not only about the game. It’s also about visiting the venue. If the visit is smooth and unproblematic, people are more likely to come back. And you want to be a venue that is respected and loved by the visitors, that’s an ultimate way to create trust and stable visitor numbers. 

Also, the stadiums of today are all about sales. Whether it’s the merch, the drinks at the bar, the sponsored pop-up stores, or good old advertising, with sports digital signage you can sell more and sell better. The displays will make the engagement better and will provide a better advertising space to please all the potential partners who’d like to pay to access your ecosystem. 

But our article today is not about the digital signage theory, it’s about the very practical application of technology. We’ve gathered the 5 best sports digital signage campaigns of 2022 for you to take a look at how things are done and make some takeaways. Without further ado, let’s see what was popping in 2022 in the sphere of stadium digital signage. 

1. Climate Pledge Arena digital signage by Tripleplay + Daktronics LED 

Copyright: TriplePlay

Why: 28,175 square feet of digital signage. 650 displays. What Tripleplay did for Seattle Climate Pledge Arena is truly spectacular. It is a great use of sports digital signage. In this case, the displays would fulfill multiple purposes on an impressive scale. And it relates to the screens outside of the playing field. 

Another well-known company in big-scale stadium digital signage solutions Daktronics has developed dual hanging displays in the arena as well as installed 224 LED displays. No matter how you look at it, Climate Pledge Arena is a great study of what digital signage can do for a stadium. 

2. 2 large LED displays for State Farm Arena - by Daktronics

Copyright: Daktronics

Why: Arenas call for grandiose solutions. That’s exactly what Atlanta’s State Farm Arena did with its new partnership with Daktronics. Let’s see the stats. 8 million LEDs, nearly 9,000 square feet of digital signage, and a triangular-shaped marquee that is over 42 feet tall and weighs 88 tons. In other words, new Atlanta’s is digital signage sports stadiums gold. A sight to behold. 

Also, it shows how signage solutions can transform the environment they are located in. As a part of a rapidly changing Downtown Atlanta, two new gigantic LED displays will become one of the centerpieces of the area. They provide almost immense marketing capabilities for State Farm Arena giving an impressive advertising space. Definitely, one of the coolest digital signage for stadiums in 2022. 

3. University of West Alabama new videoboards - by Watchfire SIgns

Copyright: Watchfire Signs

Why: In one of the best college digital signage campaigns this year, Watchfire Signs has installed a beautiful video scoreboard for the University of West Alabama, in Livingston, AL. The location is right on the Tiger Stadium, a favorite place for gathering the students. The company also added another scoreboard in Pruitt Hall Gymnasium. 

The scoreboard is 22 inches by 35 inches, full-color, and 16-millimeter. It is a perfect medium to provide a live broadcast of the games, run ads, and show scores and fun statistics. It has enhanced the fan experience at the Tiger Stadium and gave the college a more maneuver in the marketing it can run through the outdoor screens. 

4. GW University Stadium LED video display - by Daktronics

Copyright: Daktronics

Why: Daktronics does it again with a fantastic upgrade of GW University’s Barcroft Park by installing a brand new 18 feet high by 32.5 feet wide scoreboard. It features a 13HD pixel layout that brings lots of color to the games and provides a more immersive, more visually appealing watching experience. It comes with a weather protection system that ensures a smooth operation during any weather change. Overall, a great new addition to the stadium digital signage from one of the market leaders.

5. 10 new LED displays at the Rogers Centre - by Daktronics

Copyright: Daktronics

Why: it’s always refreshing to see the arenas that think about the fans and turn to digital signage to improve the experience. This is exactly the case with the new revamp at the Rogers Center in Ontario. Toronto Blue Jays’ home arena has added 10 new LED displays and completely redesigned its digital signage totaling its size to a whopping 14,000+ square feet. It’s great news for both the fans and teh advertisers as now the arena looks as futuristic as it can be possible in 2022 meaning a fantastic time for everyone during the games. 

Here's our previous list of awesome digital signage sports campaigns in 2021

Although 2021 was a hard year for businesses worldwide, we still have reasons to celebrate creativity and innovation. That’s what our blog does every year recognizing those in the industry who did great. And there were some digital signage sports campaigns that we absolutely loved this year. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s quite early to talk about the full-fledged return to the sports arenas but one thing is clear: stadium signs are here to stay and they are shining stronger than ever. 

Actually, talking about the relevance of digital signage in sports, we saw that even though spectators stayed home and all the social distancing measures were fulfilled, the deals were made, the technologies were implemented and the content strategies were developed. There are several reasons why: 

  1. stadium signs keep being one of the most effective ways to engage with the audience
  2. sports stadium digital signage wins over static in terms of presentation, capturing attention and power of visual influence
  3. industry leaders are future-oriented and signage technology is the ultimate tool that allows you to take the venue further in terms of capabilities
  4. arena signs are flexible and you can experiment with different kinds of content and adjust the broadcast according to the target audience

So here it is, whether it is huge baseball field advertising signs or digital menu boards on a football stadium, it works and it’s hot right now. 

With massive vaccination efforts soon the gates of the arenas will be fully open and people will flock to see their favorite games at the stadiums. Returning to normal won’t be easy as the virus transmission and risks remain high. But that’s exactly when signage technology will come into play showing its full potential in engaging with the audience as well as the capabilities of serving as the ultimate safety tool that reminds about social distancing and notifies about the alerts. 

As we approach the middle of 2021, it’s time to talk about the most interesting and bold digital signage sports campaigns. To be frank, we can say that their number was on par with the numbers in 2019 before the coronavirus crisis. Nevertheless, the industry is gradually finding its solid ground and we can expect more and more fantastic projects to come. 

So let us guide you through the best of the best in sports digital signage of 2021. 

1. New LED scoreboard of David Allen Memorial Ballpark 

digital signage sport campaigns  David Allen Memorial Ballpark
Image via Watchfire Signs

A brand new 19’ by 35’ video board has been installed in David Allen Memorial Ballpark in Enid, Oklahoma to upgrade the spectator experience at the local arena. When it comes to baseball stadium signs they should provide information and give a chance to the viewers to closely follow the game through live broadcast. The new LED scoreboard is all that and even more. It is a perfect space to increase the branding efforts of the team, to interact with the audience, to showcase players and entertain. 

Also, one of the great advantages of this new digital venture is the fact that David Allen Memorial Ballpark now has an amazing interactive advertising space that is guaranteed to instantly turn the eyeballs of people. 

Another great application curve of the new screen is the ability to serve as an outdoor cinema. It’s always nice to see the creative application of digital signage technology at stadiums and the one at David Allen Memorial Ballpark is definitely that. It was done by the Illinois company Watchfire signs and installed by Kline Sign replacing the previous obsolete fixed-digit combination scoreboard and video board.

2. Digital menu upgrade for Super Bowl LV

digital signage sports campaigns - Super Bowl LV

It is not always about the grandiose solution, sometimes the customer experience is what you want to improve with digital signage. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay opted for just that ahead of the epic Super Bowl LV. COVID-19 has brought changes to how the event was organized. Instead of 66,000 only 22,000 spectators were allowed inside. Nevertheless, to make the visit safer and more comfortable for everyone, the arena decided to revamp its ordering to offer a better concession stand experience. 

That’s how 140 Samsung smart signage displays were deployed across the stadium. The digital menu system was introduced to avoid queuing and to make the customer journey easier and more hassle-free. Also, the custom content was designed for each area of the stadium to help with choosing items in the menu. 

This huge installation project shows the value of improving the visitor experience by using technology as a tool of leveling up. In a time of novel coronavirus or even without it, the organization of customer flows is key. With digital menus, you are able to cut the waiting times, eliminate long queues as well as present your offer in a more visually appealing way. That’s why other stadiums should definitely follow suit and deploy screens forgetting about static. 

3. The Samsung Infinity Screen at SoFi Stadium

The most ambitious and epic among digital signage sports campaigns was done by Samsung and the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. In June they introduced a brand new incredible videoboard named The Infinity Screen by Samsung. 

It’s all about breaking records too: 

  • the most LEDs ever used in a sports or entertainment venue
  • the first and only 4K end-to-end stadium video production
  • the world’s biggest LED content playback system

It is a bold and beautiful move from Samsung and a historic event in the AV industry. It boasts 70,000 square-foot, it’s dual-sided and it rests 122 feet above the playing field having 80 million pixels spaced 8 millimeters from center to center. With such impressive specs, The Infinity Screen can definitely be named as one of the most exciting digital signage boards in the world right now. And boy it has marketing potential. 

With an ability to show content of any type, the video board takes the engagement with the audience to a new level. Also, Samsung has created an integrated screen network across all the premises of the newly developed Hollywood Park project so we can expect lots of creative digital signage projects in the near future. 

4. Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium Signs Upgrade

stadium signs
Image via Dallas Cowboys Football Club

One of the most exciting sport digital signage makeovers of the year has taken place at Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium. The venue has decided to take the customer experience to the next level reimagining their existing content delivery system. That’s how new 1,000 LG commercial displays were installed with the purpose to upgrade the way visitors interact with the content. 

The stadium set a goal to actively engage with the fans the moment they enter the venue. And the experience with digital signs was quite successful so far, according to Cowboys Chief Information Officer Matt Messick, the stadium saw an “immediate 15 percent increase in food sales for events prior to COVID-19”. Ribbon-style digital menu boards were introduced to make the food proposition more visual and appealing to the customers as well as a thorough IPTV system was installed to instantly react to the content triggers. 

5. Four New LED Displays Deployed at FC Cincinnati’s TQL Stadium

arena signs
Image via TQL stadium

Fan experience is king when it comes to a football venue and TQL Stadium has made it much better by deploying four new LED displays that measure at 6,200 square feet. The move was done to give visitors better content and improve interaction and engagement. We love when the venues think about creative ways of distributing great content and are ready to go through a technological change. 

Now with brand new signs, the stadium can run amazing new advertising campaigns, show videos, provide important information and promote items from the menu. The system is organized according to zoning technology so one image can be split on different screens. The installation was done by the industry veteran company Daktronics.


Go big or go home... it's not necessarily about the aforementioned stadium digital signage campaigns. Sure, all of them went bombastic in one way or another. But the real takeaway here is the art of using digital signage at the right place and at the right time. Relevance, that's what matters. Stadium digital signage allows the venues to win the competition in relevance. To the game, to the fans, to the experience. And it's all about how to approach your content distribution. If your content is of low quality, no screen will save it from failing. If, on the other hand, you know your audience well and you're able to produce killer content, digital signage will be a great way to show it.

So learn from those examples and create the best digital signage that works for you. That's the key. You can also check out other articles from our blog that will practically guide you through all the nuts and bolts of good signage technology management.

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