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Smooth Integration of Digital Signage Into Office Spaces

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 23, 2019
May 29, 2024

A healthy office is extremely important for the wellbeing and productivity of employees. In this article, we want to tell you how tech makes office spaces more efficient. 

The lion share of our lives passes in the office. For better or for worse, these areas of human working activity have become a second home for those who are employed. In a world where mental health and work-life balance are of the utmost significance, more and more companies are looking into the solutions that help to ensure that their workplace cares about the workers. Here’s when office digital signage comes into play. 

Creating cool tech office spaces is a new awesome trend that is very worthwhile and super relevant. Using signage to make time spent while working for a company better is a great way to show compassion and create bonds. Let’s get into the best practices of using office signage for the benefit of both your workers and the company. 

Keeping it healthy

What’s the connection between the tech office spaces and health you may ask. Direct is our answer. It is through the digital signage technologies that a company can show that it cares about the wellbeing of its employees. Use the screens to:

  • communicate the important health facts 
  • remind your workers to take a break
  • do health-related competitions
  • create a pleasant visual atmosphere by showing inspirational content
  • collect feedback about your employees’ mental wellbeing

While office digital signage certainly won’t resolve the possible problems your employees have off-work, it will definitely make the ambiance in-office friendlier and will show the employer’s compassion. As more and more workers struggle with depression and mental health disorders, helping them out with even slight tech novelties in the office would be a great display of support and empathy. 

Keeping it productive

Procrastination is the worse enemy of getting the work done. For an employee, it means losing time for the things that really matter. For the employer, it means losing the potential income and makes the whole working process less effective. Fortunately, office digital signage can help here too. 

In a big workplace that exceeds 50 employees, the screens can serve as productivity boosters. However, it’s not the screen per se that does the magic, it is the content you’re showing there. In order to make the work more productive, it’s important to show the content that is able to reach this goal. It should be motivational but not too kitschy. It should be engaging in a way that can show that the company values the employees and values their work. 

As for the content that works best, here are some suggestions. For example, if a team works on a project, in order to boost productivity, it could be great to share the success stories of others in a similar field. Also, the wins of your company could also be used as content that sparks enthusiasm. Finally, recognizing the successes of particular employees would never hurt the process. Use all of it to create a positive and productive workplace.

Keeping it organized

We’ve all been there. There’s a meeting scheduled and there’s no conference room to have it in. Sometimes the bigger workplaces can get chaotic. Office digital signage easily changes that for better. The signage tech you integrate can make your company much more internally organized and can save a lot of nerves. 

If it comes to the booking of conference rooms, the screens can facilitate this whole process. Place them in the office spaces and make them show which rooms are booked and which are vacant. Establish a booking system within your workplace aided by the current digital signage solutions. When such a system is integrated, problems with finding a room for business-related activities disappear completely. That, in turn, saves your resources and time. 

Another aspect of keeping it organized is using the office digital signage for wayfinding within your workplace. It works multidimensionally, on the one hand, your employees would never get lost again helped by the interactive screens showing the way, on the other it makes your office space feel futuristic and smart for the newcomers. Signage is a perfect solution to bring your office directions game to the next level, so use it. 

Practicalities of signage integration

With myriads of solutions on the office signage market, it is easy to get confused about what you really need. When choosing the best solution for your workplace, here are the questions you’d want to look into. 

First of all, have a strategy before opting for a particular solution. With a drafted plan, it will be easier for you to understand which features of digital signage software you would need and which you simply will never use. The well-drafted strategy for signage would also save you money and time as you will know all the peculiarities of using such a marketing tool beforehand. 

After making a plan, do your homework researching the best players in the digital signage market game. Read reviews, consult websites, see what the experts are saying. Know what you’re buying, become familiar with the operation of digital signage yourself. 

Finally, make a decision about the hardware part of the signage. Choose the right screens for your office, decide whether you’d like to go with Apple TV, Android or opt for custom-built digital signage solutions. 

Create a better workplace with digital signage

Integrating signage solutions into your office spaces brings the future to your company. It benefits both employees and employer ensuring a better work-life balance, healthier work, more productivity and much better organization. Most importantly, it keeps your workplace up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. So use that.  

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