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Sky Sports Tennis announced with OOH campaign featuring giant 3D balls

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 16, 2024
May 29, 2024

Go big or go home. New Sky Sports tennis channel has a creative advertising campaign that involves gigantic 3D balls and innovative OOH. See it yourself.

sky sports tennis 3d balls
Credit: Sky Sports

What happened: Sky has decided to get the balls out. On the streets of London, we mean. To announce the launch of a brand-new Sky Sports tennis channel the broadcaster turned to a good-old physical OOH advertising. Partnering with London-based agency Fallon, Sky installed several "ballsy" installations across London that poignantly announced the coming of a new tennis-focused channel.

There was one billboard in the form of a tube with a giant ball alongside. And then, Sky also put this installation with a ball stuck in the net near The Shard:

Credit: Sky Sports

“We’ve strived to ensure cut through with bold work that brings to life tennis iconography that will resonate with everyone who loves watching and playing the game. The channel is innovative, bold and fresh, and I think we’ve served up a campaign that delivers on those attributes,” said Dave Stratton, Sky Sports director of marketing.

Physical 3D billboards and installations are always creatively superior to static ones and Sky has done a cool campaign here. It could have been a little bit more digital to our liking, but hey, we're a digital signage company, so.

Sky Sports Tennis is a channel fully dedicated to this sport giving viewers a full insight into the world of tennis.

What else: the physical balls weren't the only balls Sky Sports Tennis used to promote its launch.

Two weeks ago, the broadcaster published a touching tribute to the legendary "Color like no other" aka Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls advert from 2005. The latter is considered to be among the best video campaigns ever created.

Here are both videos side-to-side.

Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls:


Sky Sports Tennis advert:



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