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Simplicity Drives Everything

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 8, 2017
May 1, 2024

The development of state-of-the-art technologies is aimed at making them much easier for a customer. It means that despite huge resources used for the creation of some software or device, the result should be simple and understandable for the target user.Since digital signage is the way of communication with a customer, such communication must be simple and convenient. Nowadays, the functions of the digital signage system are highly deployed by large companies within their activities. For example, successful companies have already appreciated the advantages of digital communication with customers. The volumes of sales of services or products in such companies are enormous, which requires a fast response in relationships with customers. Besides, large corporations expend a huge amount of various resources in order to implement the functions of both indoor and outdoor digital signage.At the same time, the lack of resources is the key problem why the development of digital signage among businesses of any size is stumbled. Most of the owners of small companies would be pleased to implement digital communication with customers on their facilities, thereby contributing to the effectiveness of the business processes and performance. In addition, digital signage provides not only communication with customers but the communication at all. I.e. you can use a digital player in your office environment to improve the work of your employees that results in the optimization of the working process.Currently, the implementation of such a digital assistant requires numerous resources that would cost a fortune. Judge for yourself, if you made a decision to launch digital signage at your business, the first thing to be done is to understand how it can be integrated into the business process. So, you should spend some time to understand what do you need and how it can work. Time resource is required.As soon as you reached the complete understanding of what kind of digital signage you need, it is time to choose the equipment, media player and install it. Keep in mind that this process is also time-consuming and laborious. The proper operation of digital communication requires a profound analysis of system work. When digital communication is installed, do not think that even half of the process is implemented.The next step is related to digital signage software. The market offers a variety of software products for digital signage and your aim is to use the best for your business. With current solutions on the market, you need to spend time learning the software functions and features, as well as to train your personnel to use the digital communication system.Now you have a basis for the content. Actually, the content may be called the core of digital communication, therefore, the content creation process includes many different stages, such as design, theme, playlist adjustment etc. Do not forget that the content should be appealing and attractive if digital signage is used for customer relationships or advertising. If such communication is used within the office environment, the focus should be made on the information capacity and extensiveness of the content.After the system launch, it is necessary to perform an analysis of its operation in order to detect some errors, flaws, bugs etc. Such an analysis should be performed regularly.Another issue is the user interface and experience. It is quite important for any vendor to consider the user feedbacks relating the usability of UI. Such a process involves constant monitoring and update of the desired functions and features.All the processes above require human resources for the system monitoring and management that entails additional expenses. In total, the implementation of rather simple digital signage is associated with a huge amount of time, money, and human efforts. Thus, businesses of any kind are not attracted with the idea of digital communication.With Kitcast, you will avoid all the issues above, because we will take care of everything. You have only to start using it.The contemporary world of developing high technologies envisages quite the contrary scenario. It is supposed that the digital signage should be simple and understandable for any user. The future digital communication aims at clear usability. Even the network comprising 20 000 displays must be comprehensible by the 9-year-old kid.The 21 century is the age of speed and business via advanced technologies. However, the complex solutions of digital signage act as a break for various businesses and ideas. This is the wrong scenario, which should be overcome.The future of digital signage is to make it affordable to any business owner for its activities. You will not need 20 persons in the staff, who will be ineffective in their functions. The artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart algorithms and other technologies under the hood will cope with the business processes, but it should be clear and simple for an ordinary user. The question “How to manage” should be forgotten, and the digital signage must work without undue effort. That is why Kitcast exists. We made powerful and really simple digital signage.

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