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7 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Schools

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 11, 2021
May 29, 2024

It's the 21st century and yet school digital signage is not that common yet. Digital signage in schools is the best tool to make an important step into a better future. We will show you how it can be done in the most effective way. 

School shouldn’t be boring. It should be a place where students want to return. Although learning can be a hard process and many different factors are involved like the quality of teaching, eagerness to study, etc, it’s still essential to create an environment that nurtures development. Digital signage in school can bring the magic of technology for the benefit of your institution and make students fall in love with the time spent there. 

In the time of COVID-19, the turn to technological solutions is even more evident. With lockdowns affecting the work of schools, it is vital to make sure that once the doors open and students come inside no outbreak happens and all the healthcare norms are properly respected. It is much harder to obtain that without swift and easy-to-use technology at your service. On the other hand, if you have screens, the whole reopening process becomes much easier and intuitive. 

And it’s not only about battling the spread of novel coronavirus, school digital signage has been, is and will continue to be a primary tool to make the learning process better and the premises more tech-savvy.

Here are the 7 ways to use digital signage in schools. 

1. Wayfinding done right

What can be more confusing for a potential student and his or her parents than getting lost inside the maze of the school premises? Or a horde of newcomers frantically looking for the right auditorium? We’ve all encountered situations like this and they can be quite distressing. The screens are there to resolve this problem once and for all. 

Implementing clear and accessible wayfinding at your school is a great way to show all the present and potential students that your organization cares. Also, easy commuting from point A to point B at your school is indispensable in times of the pandemic where all the movement should be thoroughly regulated. 

The whole process of installing school wayfinding is simple. Take our app, Kitcast, as an example. You just plug an Apple TV into your screen, download the app from the App Store, spend 5 minutes to install and configure the program and you’re ready to go with the content you wish. Easy and intuitive, just the solution your school would use to make the wayfinding better. 

2. Information distribution done right

There are many things going on at school. All of them need to be properly communicated. In a pandemic and post-pandemic reality, the information becomes vital to ensuring the health safety of the students. That’s why screens are a great technology idea that can make your school space safer and more effective. 

Install displays on the premises and use them to broadcast the information that needs to be disseminated quickly. The main advantage of digital signage is that schools have full control over the messages and the ways they are distributed and can be flexible with timing and approach. It is a perfect solution to revamp your school space and make the student experience better. 

3. Providing contactless solutions

We have entered a new normal where touch becomes obsolete and social distancing takes a primary stage in the way we interact. It is much more difficult to achieve at schools where physically it is almost impossible to keep people apart. While remote learning hits new heights, indoor school education doesn’t go anywhere. And once the doors are opened to students, the less touch there is the better for the foreseeable future.

Digital signage exists in a contactless world and nurtures it. It is adaptable to creative ideas and can facilitate social distancing efforts. Queue management, voice commands, gesture control, there are just so many various applications for the displays that can be used by your school to remain a safe place for your students.

4. Cutting costs on paper

This may not sound like a game-changer at first but if we take a closer look at the amounts of paper the schools use for various purposes (fliers, posters, memos, etc.), it becomes evident that such a system can’t be maintained in the 21st century. Getting rid of paper by choosing digital signage is both an environmentally-friendly step and a huge money saver. Because using paper is such an outdated and expensive way to distribute information. 

Screens help your school drastically cut costs and introduce a much more effective digital environment. 

5. Events, weather and news

Having a new event at the school hall next Thursday? Make a digital poster and run it on all the screens on all the campuses. There is light rain tomorrow and the football class outside is canceled? Let the students know in an instant with a quick announcement. Having important news to share about the accomplishments of a school moot court team? Do it using the displays.

The aforementioned just proves how flexible and easy school digital signage is. You are in full control of the content, you can use the same screens for the different content purposes and you’re able to show whatever you think works at a time when the students are looking.

6. Creating a sense of community

School time is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life. The feeling of being a part of something bigger, of a team is invaluable. Why not channel and support it through technology? With digital signage you can nurture the sense of community by interacting with students, gathering their feedback, organizing voting on various issues, recognizing the best in various fields. 

7. Social media integration

Social media has become an integral part of the lives of both the students and the teachers. Schools also use it for promotion. Why not integrate this process into the way your organization operates. Ask students for content, make different social media competitions, share photos and videos, promote a hashtag. School digital signage will make this process much better and more organized.

FAQ about school digital signage

Is school digital signage expensive?

Today there are many digital signage solutions you can choose from according to your budget and productivity demands. That means that it is easy to find the option that suits your school financially.

How to install digital signage in school?

Today there are many digital signage solutions you can choose from according to your budget It all depends on the solution you choose. If you go old-school and install the hardware option then the process may take longer, and you might spend more. If you choose to use the new tools (like our app Kitcast), you would only need an Apple TV, our app, and the screen. You just plug it, download the app and start creating content right away.

Is school digital signage effective?

The screen technology drives more views, more engagement, is more versatile, and gives you much more flexibility over the static signage.

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