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Samsung Sphere ad opens a portal in Las Vegas ahead of Galaxy AI release

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 17, 2024
May 29, 2024

The South Korean company is the latest to utilize the mind-blowing LED capabilities of arguably the most famous Las Vegas billboard with a Samsung Sphere ad. The result is spectacular.


What happened: Samsung used the tech world's attention during CES 2024 to make its own attention-grabbing point. With the helping hand of Marvel's Doctor Strange, the brand has opened the portal in a different dimension.

The animation features the levitating character famously played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the MCU films opening different portals that feature various symbols of Las Vegas. We see the "Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, the Twister rollercoaster, and the Rallycross superstar among other things. All of this trickery to announce the second season of Marvel Studios' animated series "What If…?"

What it has to do with Samsung, one can ask. At the very end of the activation, we see the epic words "A new era is coming with Galaxy." Then the Galaxy Unpacked event that is going to take place on January, 17 is announced. Voila. Doctor Strange was working for a South Korean brand all along.

Samsung Sphere ad is a work of BBH Singapore. “Like the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Galaxy users will have a multiverse of possibilities at their fingertips. They’ll be able to open new worlds with the simplest of actions. Everything will change, just like that,” said Sascha Kuntze, the agency's Chief Creative Officer, explaining the whole concept.

Why it's such a big deal: Samsung is going to present their new Galaxy AI, a potential game-changer for mobile phones. At least, the company presents it as such.

The brand has recently released a teaser of what's coming with Galaxy Unpacked and it sounds like revolutionary changes to how we're using our phones.


The most notable new feature to come with the new Galaxies 9to5Google and it called "Circle to Search," where you can "search any image, video, or text on your screen. Circle, highlight, scribble, or tap to pinpoint what you’re curious about, no screenshots necessary."

We're going to see if the rumors are true. As for now, we know one thing for sure. The Samsung Sphere ad is quite an eye candy, as their F1 Samsung Ad.

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