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The Digital Signage Cream of the Crop: Reviewed by Dave Haynes From Sixteen:Nine

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 3, 2019
May 29, 2024

We continue publishing excerpts from our set of DSSE interviews as a part of the digital signage podcast series. During our talk with Dave Haynes from Sixteen:Nine, we’ve tried to discuss the most trending developments on the digital signage market. Among the most burning questions, we asked Dave to make a brief review of the top software and hardware providers in the industry.

“In terms of playback hardware, certainly, Brightsign is an extraordinarily busy-busy company. They’re shipping thousands of units a day. And when you see them at tradeshows you see a very busy booth. When it comes to displays, you can't help but look at Samsung and LG. NEC is interesting because they’ve got an analytics platform that is now way more advanced than what's the other guys are trying to market. Phillips is thought of being a primarily European company, they’re starting to get a real footprint in North America, which is intriguing and they’ve got a nice range of products.

When it comes to the software side, certainly, Stratacache is likely the biggest player in the field, but they are very much enterprise-focused – they chase whale clients. Broadsign is certainly the dominant player in the DOOH side. And then you have a whole range of companies that are servicing different markets for software and increasingly I'm seeing more specialization. So you’re seeing companies saying we are focused on this area: maybe it’s workplace communication, maybe it’s education, maybe healthcare, and so on. And I think that's very smart.”

Listen to the full podcast interview with Dave Haynes to keep your hand on the pulse of the digital signage market and learn valuable insights:

Kitcast Podcast feat Sixteen:Nine– Episode 9 – What About the Digital Signage Market?

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