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How to improve your restaurant with outdoor digital signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 13, 2022
May 29, 2024

Restaurant outdoor digital signage is a fantastic way to make your engagement better. Whether you’re in a big city where everyone is fighting for attention or a small town that would love a great spectacle, this technology allows creative ways to present content to the viewers.

The days when restaurants used static signs to lure visitors into their terraces and halls are long gone. Yes, there are still many places that do that but then there are others who turn to digital technology to make their restaurants shine. And that’s what we preach, a switch from expensive and boring static to exciting and flexible digital. Today we’re talking about the outdoors and here’s why it’s an awesome way to revamp your restaurant. 

Getting the attention you deserve

Sure, regular clients are the backbone of any restaurant business. But sometimes it’s not enough to get the system running. “Fully booked” is an alluring concept and that’s definitely something to strive for. 

Restaurant with outdoor digital signage fares better compared to the one who doesn’t have any. Why? Because of the attention. When you operate outdoor screens you’re immediately placing yourself into the attention span of those who walk by. If your content is timely and great, you can be sure that the people will come. 

Let’s have an example. 

You own a restaurant in New York City on a busy street. The street has a constant flow of people and many other restaurants nearby. It’s a popular but tough spot to be in. Without digital signage installed you are just another restaurant to a passer-by. Yes, you have your clientele, yes, your proposition is awesome. But if people don’t stop, if people don’t know that your food and ambiance are great, they don’t come, they don’t leave their money. 

If you have displays, that’s a whole other story. Now you have a powerful tool to engage, to influence people’s decisions. You’re literally shining, getting inside their informational bubble. Most importantly you’ve got yourself in front of them, and now they know more about your restaurant. That’s key in a busy environment. And that’s exactly where restaurant outdoor digital signage can help you.

*Relevant* content is key

When we talk about the restaurant outdoor digital signage, it’s the content that matters.

Signage technology is one of the marketing tools, and it follows the same approaches to strategy.

First of all, you should have one, that’s not negotiable. Secondly, it should be good. If it’s not good, then why are you doing it in the first place spending money on new technology?

Doing it well means producing and showing amazing content. That should be relevant to your audience. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that technology just by existing solves problems. It’s much more complicated than that. Technology gives you power, an extension of what you’re capable of. And it’s in the way how well you use that power lies the true advantage of technology. 

Let’s go back to the example with our NYC restaurant. 

You’ve got screens in place and a question arises: what to show? There’s an easy answer that is simultaneously extremely hard. Show great content. As simple as that. Don’t settle for less than great. Because the people are not stupid. In the age of technology, of TikTok and Instagram, of inundation by the digital people have a fantastic eye for BS content. Don’t be the one that shows them that.

First of all, study your audience well. Who are the people you want to target with digital signage? What they like, what they dislike, what they buy, and what they don’t buy. Answer these questions and shoot broadcasting the best practices of current content production. 

Think “multiverse”🕸️

Thanks to Marvel and (on a smaller scale) DC, the multiverse is a new hot word now. It can be applied to marketing too. 2022 is a year when marketing is multidimensional. Basically, it means that just one marketing tool alone doesn’t work as well as a multi-tool approach. 

In practice, we mean that a screen showing an ad is not as powerful as a screen inviting you to post a picture with a specific hashtag on Instagram, follow the restaurant’s profile, or do a TikTok dance for a promotional burger and then leave your feedback on Google Maps. 

Think multiverse. Use screens as an extension of your larger marketing strategy. That’s where the golden spot lies in 2022. 

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