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Resort digital signage: ready for the summer

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 3, 2022
May 29, 2024

Resort digital signage is an extension of the hotel signage that is tailored specifically to the needs of this branch of the hospitality industry. This technology allows hotels to upgrade their marketing and introduce a cooler, more powerful feature that delivers. Let’s see how exactly the screens can help resorts shine and what practical tips there are.

A stay at the resort is always about having a great time. Rarely do people come to them for anything else than leisure. Whether it’s a seaside hotel, mountain lodging, or spa accommodation, resorts can use the possibilities of technology to serve their guests better. 

What is resort digital signage exactly?

Here’s the definition. It is a technology that allows showing content using the screens. 

As for the content, you have an almost unlimited choice of what to show. From promo ads to color atmospheric pieces, from appreciation messages to menu highlights, there is virtually nothing that the resort digital signage can’t do. That gives hotels an opportunity to build an effective content network showing what’s relevant and at the time that works best. 

As for the screens, you can choose the type that suits your particular needs and opt for a variety of sizes and capabilities. For example, some would be quite okay with ordinary displays. Some, though, would love to have a sparkling resort lobby digital signage using the gigantic video walls. 

The connector between the content and the screens is the digital signage software. You should be very careful when choosing it because the software defines the future of your digital signage. Kitcast is a cloud-based digital signage software with years of experience in the industry and a state-of-art, intuitive design. Our content management system is very easy-to-use and extremely powerful at the same time. 

How to start using screens at your resort

Starting is always the hardest part. In the case of a big resort, it is, indeed, a thing you have to pay extra attention to and put in your best effort. If everything is done right, you’re getting yourself a superb marketing upgrade.

First comes the audience. Determine who you will show your content to. As a business, you might already have all the necessary information. Utilize that to better understand what your guests would be interested in and how to show them that. 

Secondly, you have to think about the location of the displays. Placing the screen right is one of the keys to the success of your resort digital signage. Among the most popular places for displays at a resort are: 

  • The lobby area
  • The restaurant and a bar
  • The pool area
  • The corridors
  • The elevator

You can get creative here and find ways to impress guests. 

Thirdly, you have to choose the digital software. It is better to select the one that doesn’t take ages to get your whole system going. For example, with Kitcast you will only need to plug Apple TV into your screen, install the app and follow the simple instructions for linking the screen to the app. 

When everything is ready technology-wise, it’s time to shine. And you do that by showing wonderful content. 

Content tips for resort digital signage 

Content is everything. When you are showing the great one it brings you sales, attention, and trust from guests. So you have to treat the part of content production really seriously and be extra cautious about what you’re putting in front of your audience. 

When it comes to a resort, each location you’re using digital signage in ideally should perform a distinct role in your content strategy. 

For example, the screen in the restaurant would be focused on the promotion of the special deals, upselling, and creating an atmosphere. 

The lobby digital signage is for branding and creating the connection between you and your guests. You can also use it to gather feedback, interaction, or social media promotion. 

If it’s the corridor digital signage, it can be both used for the promotion of your brand as well as focusing on special deals that your resort offers (like excursions, extra services, etc.), or restaurant promotions. 

In other words, you should treat your resort digital signage like a 360-degree content system where every part is fulfilling its special goal. This is the key to success with screens. 

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