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Reinventing the Classroom with the Digital Signage for Colleges

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 7, 2019
May 29, 2024

When it comes to innovative technologies, schools and colleges usually have to play catch up. Education industry requires a newly popped up technology to have a proven record before they start implementing it. As of today, more and more colleges began to catch up on the digital signage trend. Even though you’re still not late for the party, it’s just about time to start if you want digital signage to give a boost to your school’s education process. We know that such a big decision needs research, so we’ve prepared a list of digital signage for colleges advantages that you should know of before you make up your mind.

Visual content will always engage better

It’s no secret that students don’t tolerate boring lectures. Digital signage for college gives you complete freedom.You can use as many presentation materials as you want. You can use as many types of content as you wish. When you start choosing the right digital signage for colleges software, you’ll notice that for a pretty low subscription price, you get a device that allows you to deliver any content anytime and anywhere.Consider making your lectures more valuable for students by adding more videos, charts, audio materials, and images. This is the best way to make the content more memorable. The simple report is not reaching young students’ minds these days.Increase the campus signage communication. Your classroom is not the final destination for your students at the campus. Having the college campus signage in every part of your facility ensures that all the students will get the needed message on time.

Reinventing the classroom with the digital signage for colleges 2 - Kitcast Blog

Just one digital signage screen in the most crowded places on campus can help you reach the widest audience of students in the blink of an eye. All it takes – a few clicks and your message, content, video or alert is sent.

Cut the costs

In case you start using the digital signage for colleges specifically in your classrooms, you will not only forget about using a boring blackboard again. You will also stop using so much paper for your presentations and class materials. Using the college digital signage helps you to cut costs on printing and handling of your lecture materials.

Let students be more creative

Since college digital signage can deliver any kind of content, you’re not limited to just using it for your lectures and reports.

Reinventing the classroom with the digital signage for colleges 3 - Kitcast Blog

Digital signage for college was developed with the idea of giving students an opportunity to express themselves. Using interactive displays allows them to create more creative presentations and deliver more consistent reports.

How colleges utilized digital signage so far

More and more institutions start using campus signage and digital signage displays in the classrooms. Here’s a quick recap of the most successful examples among the US college campus signage :

Bryan College digital signage

This college allows anyone to submit the content for their signage displays. You can select the location of the screen, upload the content and all the additional information. They have a perfectly lined up guidelines that will help you prepare the content correctly. Basically, they give a real platform for students to deliver meaningful content to a wide audience of their classmates.

Cornell College of Business digital signage

Digital signage on college campuses is a great way to promote some in-house college event. That’s what the Cornell College of Business allows you to do. Just fill in the request form, and you’re in.

Carleton College digital signage

Students of Carleton College can deliver any kind of message, kudos, event promotions, etc. to any digital signage college campus display. The only thing they won’t tolerate is the direct advertisement from someone who’s not a member of the Carleton community member.


The popularity of digital signage for colleges displays a definite upward trend. There are so many ways to utilize the signage displays in education: interactive blackboards, displays to show more engaging content to students in the classrooms, delivering the campus news and alerts, etc. Make sure you’re on top of the digital trends to make your college a better place for in-house community members!

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