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Digital Signage For Real Estate Offices

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 14, 2022
May 29, 2024

While the technology is very much known in the industry, the practicalities of how to properly use real estate digital signage software are still relatively enigmatic. It’s one thing to install the screens at your office, making them sell is a much more complicated task. We will guide you through the digital signage for your real estate business in order for your company to thrive in the ever-changing landscape.

Why do companies choose digital real estate signage?

The real estate business is highly competitive, and it takes guts to win clients over. Those who innovate have success, while those who choose the old ways are forced out by the market itself. Commercial real estate digital signage is a fantastic tool that gets your message across and creates a perfect environment to sell better.

When a client enters your real estate office, the last thing you want him to think about is how boring your premises are. Real estate is expensive. Real estate is prestige. And catering to the customers requires resorting to cutting-edge solutions and employing sparkling new technological advancements. 

Screens powered by real estate digital signage software create a whole new level of customer experience that is immensely beneficial to your business. You want to stand out from the competition, you want your clients to be amazed each time they come over. And you want your physical location to follow the latest trends in visual communication.

Reasons to start using real estate digital signage right now

It’s quite straightforward. Screen technology takes you further. In terms of sales, in terms of interaction, in terms of engagement. You want these instruments when communicating with your clients. Here are the reasons to choose this awesome digital solution for your real estate business: 

- it’s versatile 

The content you can run through the screens is limited by your imagination only. You can experiment, adapt, and control everything you’re showing. It can be images, videos, messages, interactive bits, call-to-actions, and more. 

- it’s reliable

Present-day cloud-based solutions like our Kitcast digital signage software are ensuring a smooth performance for your convenience. The headaches of the IT troubles are long gone. With our solution, you’re getting an intuitive and easy tool to play with.

- it’s awe-inspiring

The wow factor matters. You can reach it with the screens. The real estate industry is very visual. It is important to create the right atmosphere, show all the advantages of the properties you’re selling, and put the location to focus. With screen technology all of it is possible and you have all the tools to impress the client. 

- it’s easy-to-use

You only need Apple TV, a screen, and a KItcast app to start with real estate digital signage right now. The whole installation process is less than 10 minutes. Whatever issue you have with the software or the content, our troubleshooting team is there to promptly respond and help.

How digital signage for real estate offices looks in practice?

As with any kind of business, real estate is diverse and multidimensional. As we mentioned earlier, digital signage technology is versatile and easily adaptable. So no matter the size of your office, or the scale of your real estate business, it will be effortless to tune the signage accordingly. 

Real estate digital signage is usually divided into outdoor and indoor. While the content you’re running through both of them can be similar, it pays off to know the nuances of their deployment and operation.

Outdoor real estate digital signage 

If we’re talking outdoors, it’s all about interacting with potential customers. Just like many physical real estate offices around the world use dated paper listings to attract the attention of customers, the displays allow you to elevate boring sheets with lots of text into something superbly engaging and beautiful. 

Types of content to use in the outdoor signage: 

- images and videos of properties you’re selling 

- promotion of social media accounts

- gathering feedback

- running promotional material about your brand/company

Indoor real estate digital signage

This one is specifically tailored to the office. There can be lobby screens, corridor displays, meeting room screens, etc. Their primary goal is to engage with people that came inside and motivate them to make a purchase and ask more about the properties. 

Types of content to use in the indoor signage: 

- property listing content with videos, images, and information 

- again, social media promotion won’t hurt

- internal company communication

- employee motivation 

- client testimonials 

- promotion of additional services 

- entertainment-focused content 

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