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Getting the Real Estate Digital Signage Right

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 17, 2022
May 29, 2024

Real estate digital signage is so much underrated. As the industry is very visual, it is always an amazing opportunity to use the technology to show that. The listings are logical candidates for a subject matter of great content. Let’s dive deeper into how you can use the screens to say more and sell more

One of the most widespread traits of a classic real estate office is a piece of paper with the specifications, the price, and the picture on it that the passer-by can see by looking at the window. As if medieval times have never ended, the companies choose to rely on this super outdated method to interact with their potential customers. From Miami to Monaco, this approach is firmly encrusted into the operations of real estate offices.

Is it a bad thing? Not necessarily. Some things never change, some need lots of time to transform. Is there a better way to do it? Absolutely! And the answer is real estate digital signage. 

Basics of the digital signage for real estate

When it comes to screen technology, many businesses think that the whole deal is just installing a display and going with the flow. It is true, physically. But underneath, there is a strategy. And that’s precisely what you need to have figured out before starting with digital signage. 

Also, different locations call for different measures. Here is where digital signage in real estate exists: 

- outdoor digital signage 

It’s everything that is outside your office or a listed property. Its main goal is to capture the attention of the passer-by and keep it long enough for a person to get interested in what you’re selling. 

- indoor digital signage 

These are the screens that are found inside your office. Their goal is to interact with the customers who already know about your business and came for further information or those who are already using your services. 

- digital signage inside the listed properties

This is quite a new concept but nevertheless a one with great potential. We’re talking about the screens that are strategically placed inside the properties you’re selling. They can perform various tasks in order to spark interest from the customers and eventually lead to a sale. 

Winning the outdoors

Sure, a real estate office is no grocery shop. People don’t just come inside and buy. It takes patience, it takes trust. It takes time. But it all starts somewhere, it starts from sparking an interest. 

If a person is already contemplating buying property, the main objective of a great real estate office is to masterfully lead him/her to this decision. The outdoor real estate digital signage is how you catch the attention and hold it. Forget about the leaflets, printed materials, and hard-to-follow sales prospects. Use screens and level up your game. 

For example, you have several properties that are on the market at the moment. Why not make it all sparklingly beautiful? Have people stop and stare at the dazzling video tours of the houses you’re selling. Add interactivity to the mix. You can, for example, have a list of the properties with the special video content activated by a QR code. 

Also, you can use the screens to run real estate ads, property tours, and cool destination videos. The floor is all yours to take and the street is your stage. Make it memorable, and make people interested with the content you’re showing. 

Take your office to the next level

Indoor digital signage is a different beast. It’s not that much about grabbing attention, it’s more about building trust and ensuring that the customers and employers have a great time inside. 

Install the screens in your real estate office and give yourself a chance to experiment with content without any additional costs on printing. Create a special atmosphere with motivational videos. Use displays to broadcast your brand message. Run ads highlighting special propositions your company is offering. Show exciting room tours. 

Another great aspect of screen technology is that it allows you to digitalize the process, making it engaging and interactive. You can promote your social media channels through the displays, engage in online conversations with your customers by asking for feedback, ask for user-generated content. 

It’s all about the experience and employing screens gives you more power to create the great one. So use it to the full force to bring trust to the table and make sure that your customers are having a good time visiting your real estate office. 

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