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Proto holograms will now teach university students in the UK

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 26, 2024
May 29, 2024

We've seen the holograms of Tupac, Abba, and Whitney Houston. Now it's time to get down-to-earth. Proto holograms are coming to Loughborough University in the UK and kickstarting a new exciting digital signage trend in education.

proto holograms
Credit: Loughborough University

What happened: Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England is not the first place you think about when it comes to cutting-edge digital transformation. But it has just unveiled a partnership with the producer of life-sized holograms Proto Inc. to improve the learning experience.

The university's press release said, "using Proto, Loughborough is now able to live-beam guest speakers from global universities and industry into lectures to give talks and answer students' questions, just as if they were in the room together."

Moreover, the technology would allow closer inspection of the 3D digital objects thanks to the technology behind Proto panels. This will enhance the learning and create a more interactive classroom. Also, the institution will be able to broadcast pre-recorded holographic messages and lectures from industry partners and alumni with the help of AI photo holograms avatar capability.

“This new technology will enhance the learning experiences of our students, enabling us to offer more interaction with external guests, particularly those based overseas,” Professor Rachel Thomson, the University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Student Experience said. “We look forward to exploring just what is possible with the Proto holograms technology.”

What else: Proto has been enjoying extensive media coverage in recent years.

We've seen Chris Pratt using their technology on Jimmy Kimmel Live to surprise fans, the holograms were on Ellen, and William Shatner delivered a speech through the device at this year's CES.

In other words, the company was dominating the hologram conversation.

When it comes to education, it has far-reaching ambitions. “Education has always been a key use case as we developed the Proto platform,” said David Nussbaum, Inventor and CEO of Proto Inc. “And in Loughborough we have a perfect partner to show all the ways the technology can boost education, in an environmentally sound way, for the first time in the UK.”

And that's just the start for the forward-looking brand. Proto has plans to "revive" famous thinkers like Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking too with the help of their AI-powered holographic know-how. The future of holograms is bright.

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