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Post-COVID Workplace Digital Signage: Challenges and Opportunities

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 5, 2022
May 29, 2024

Workplace digital signage in a post-COVID world is more important than ever. As almost every sector has faced challenges ever since the pandemic hit, the question is still open on how exactly the employment landscape of the future will look like. One thing is certain, it will involve technology, and it will involve the screens. Let’s get deeper into it.

Where we are in 2022?

Coronavirus pandemic has brought an immediate transformation of the workplace as we know it. At some point at the height of the lockdowns, the office has become a no-go zone, something that noone could have predicted a year before. And as remote work trends were already brewing inside the establishment, it was the COVID-19 that unleashed them to the full force. 

Companies all around the world faced the same challenges. They had to search for ways to keep on moving while adhering to the strict rules of social distancing. Then there was a productivity issue and the infrastructure. Finally, working from home brought concerns about privacy. Although the vaccination campaigns were mostly successful, 2022 sees businesses still navigating the dangers of coronavirus while trying to get back to the pre-pandemic work levels.

What is digital signage for workplace?

It is a technology that allows you to use the screens for internal communication, productivity boost, engagement, and entertainment at the workplace. It is one of the staples of the concept of the “smart workplace”.

In practice, it is a network of displays placed around the workplace that can be used for fulfilling multiple flexible tasks. 

What are the advantages of workplace digital signage?

Communication matters when it comes to people working together. Those companies who care about their employees are interested in ensuring their well-being. That’s when workplace digital signage takes the central stage. It is an effective tool for internal workplace communication that allows companies and organizations to level up their strategy. 

Forget about the printed materials, flyers, and countless memos. It’s all digital now, it’s all cost-efficient. Going with the screens you’re saving yourself money on printing that you can reinvest elsewhere. 

If we are talking about the post-COVID reality, the screens are great for socially distanced communication. The messages shown through displays are effective and they don’t require a burdensome printing and distribution process that is a damning feature of the old-school way of doing things. There is no place for the bulletin boards in 2022. 

Post-COVID safety and screens

The less physical content the better. Your employees should be sure that when they go to the office they are entering a space that cares about their health and takes appropriate measures to minimize the risk of infection. And it doesn’t only relate to COVID, we are talking about the general awareness here, the basics of a great workplace.

The screens are great at disseminating information. You can use them to spread health awareness, show instructional videos, notify about emergency situations, and inform about health checks. Employees are sure to notice such care and that will nurture the trust between you and them. 

The best productivity tool for the workplace

COVID has brought chaos and uncertainty to the ways we work. That had a bad effect on overall employee productivity. With the constant switches between remote and office, coming back full-time wasn’t an easy transition. 

That’s why the companies should take extra measures to boost the productivity of their employees. Digital signage at the workplace is the tool that will help. The screens are great for motivation. The unlimited choice of content you can show gives companies the power to create tailored strategies that will help employees work better. 

Here are the content ideas that can be used to boost employee productivity: 

  • motivational photos and videos
  • recognitions of the best employees
  • constant feedback gathering 
  • entertaining videos to lighten up the office mood 
  • teamwork exercises

The main rule here is to create the whole experience to benefit the workplace, not just force the employees to like it. Because as with any content, the workplace content should be relevant and tailored to the special audience. If it’s boring, not funny, and dull, it can only make things worse. So make sure that you’re using digital signage effectively and you’re always on the same page with the interests of your workers. 

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