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TOP-5 Digital Signage Content Ideas for Smart Parking

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 16, 2021
May 29, 2024

There are just so many great ways you can use parking digital signage to make your facility much easier to navigate and much more pleasant to be at. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Let’s say it, parking lots can be quite stressful. And the bigger they get, the more complicated the navigation is. When it comes to the big, congested cities like New York, Los Angeles, Venice or Paris where the spot for your car is treated with the reverence of found treasure, entering the multi-floor parking lot may be a challenge for many drivers. But it in no way means that the experience couldn’t be revamped. Complicated things need organization and smart parking is the one that is guaranteed to transform your space and make it better.

What is parking digital signage exactly?

Parking digital signage solutions allow businesses to use a network of screens to broadcast content. It is a perfect medium to drive engagement, provide clear wayfinding and get attention. 

The smart parking concept basically means that technology helps both the facility and the visitors to mutually benefit from the experience. Screens have unlimited capabilities of providing visual information and that feature could be used to the full extent at the parking lots. 

Another great thing about the parking digital signage solutions is the flexibility. Depending on time and the audience, it can fulfill the role of a wayfinding sign, then minutes later it can show an ad promoting a local car tire seller and after that display a safety announcement. This versatility is a gamechanger in a parking space where time is limited and you have to fight for the attention of the visitors.

So why does my parking need digital signage exactly?

At the end of the day, it’s all about the customer experience. By implementing parking digital signage solutions you give yourself the power to upgrade the ways you interact with the visitors. If the system is effective everybody wins. You establish trust and your customers get a smooth ride. That in turn means that people will keep coming back and your business will thrive. 

Alright, as we went through the basics of digital signage now it’s time to apply it in practice with these 5 digital signage content ideas for smart parking. 

1. State-of-art wayfinding 

It’s all about the hassle-free navigation at the parking facility. If you get this part right, you eliminate the stress and give your customers a great experience. If not, well, it’s going to materialize in negative reviews, losing customers and saying goodbye to revenue. And it’s definitely not an option. 

Use screens to organize the commute through your facility. Provide clear and concise directions using screens, give waiting times if there are no available spots, update the number of vacant slots in real-time. 

One of the typical challenges for drivers visiting a big parking lot for the first time is searching frantically for the exit. Use displays to guide them through the premises and get a satisfied customer in return. 

2. Instant announcements and alerts

As we mentioned earlier, the screens are versatile and can be adaptable to whatever content you would like to show. All of it is done in a matter of seconds. That means that if you have an important security announcement to share or there is an urgent alert, you can use the network of displays to do that. 

Just with a few clicks you can mobilize the whole system and show the message throughout the whole parking facility. 

3. Advertising better

Digital signage is not only for directions and messages, with the network of displays deployed you can turn them into a boutique advertising network. Whether your parking business is a part of a bigger venture (like a mall, stadium or amusement park) or a privately owned neighborhood lot, the screens across your facility are ideal for showing ads. 

That in turn means that by establishing a digital signage network, you also create a new revenue stream for your business. Show ads that are interesting for your target audience, experiment with content, partner with other companies to show their content, you have almost unlimited advertising possibilities with the power of digital signage. 

4. Ensuring security and safety

Having an accident at a parking lot is a nightmare for many drivers. Also, it is a very undesirable event for parking owners that can result in negativity. Make sure that it never happens by using screens to display the essential security information. Show speed limits, remind drivers of being attentive, provide information for pedestrians. By doing that you will ensure that everyone at your parking is safe and nothing negative will happen. 

5. Revamp the self-service parking kiosks

There’s one place everyone eventually comes to at the parking facility: a self-service kiosk. Without digital signage in place, it’s just a soulless machine giving a ticket for drivers to escape as quick as possible. With screens, a self-service kiosk becomes an attractive digital space showing content that matters. 

You can use it as an advertising tool to run ads and promote products. Also, it can show uplifting, entertaining content to brighten the mood of your customers. Another great application for this space can be in gathering feedback from the visitors. Use all of these great capabilities of signage technology to upgrade the self-service kiosk experience at your parking lot.

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