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7 Times We were Blown Away by Indoor and Outdoor Video Walls

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 20, 2022
May 29, 2024

What not to love about indoor and outdoor video walls? Usually, they are big, beautiful, highly creative, and embody everything great digital signage should be about.

And that is the excitement. An ultimate attention-grabbingness that doesn’t let you just walk by. Time after time, it’s important to honor the best of the best in the digital signage video walls realm. Our article is about this. 

Wait, but what are those interactive video walls?

One screen is great. One screen comprised of multiple screens to create a mega display is much, much better. That is a video wall, a compilation of displays tied together to have a bolder, more visual, and engaging piece of digital perfection.

You can encounter large video walls everywhere nowadays. They will be gracing the waiting halls at the airports, sparkling with LED on the streets of the cities, luring customers into big retail stores, and boosting sales at entertainment venues. 

Having interactive video walls at your business means that you’re taking your marketing seriously and are ready to go further to give your customers a better visual experience. 

In this article, we’d like to take a closer look at the best outdoor video walls, examples of fantastic creative thought of indoor digital signage, and flawless technological execution.

1. Starbucks Interactive Video Wall in Bali

 Why: as a part of the visual identity of the cafe, indoor and outdoor video walls can be utilized to enhance the branding. In the case of this awesome Starbucks project, the video wall has solidified the fantastic design of their flagman venue in Bali. As you can imagine, a place in such a beautiful spot as the Indonesian island would require going an extra mile for a great design. Thankfully, there is digital technology to realize even the most extravagant demands. 

Starbucks has opted for a stunning video wall in one of the halls of their venue. As Indonesia is one of the world’s leading coffee producers, it was quite a natural design choice to walk the visitors through the process of coffee journey from the field to consumer. The hall on the first floor of the cafe features a beautiful screen composition depicting how the coffee is planted, processed, roasted, shipped, and brewed. It’s simply amazing and slick. And that’s how you interpret modern technology and make it work for the concept of your brand. 

2. Big video wall at Edinburgh Airport

Why: video walls and airports go really well together. People are guaranteed to pass through, and it’s a sin not to use this time to show them content. And while different airports do it differently, we’ve been really amazed by the way it’s done at Edinburgh Airport. Here you find a spectacular 85-meters wide digital canvas video wall. Again, 85 meters of displays, all tied together to create an incredible visual experience for the airport visitors. 

However, it’s not only the sensory appeal that this kind of indoor video walls give. It’s all about the content opportunities. In the case of Edinburgh Aiport, the displays are used to show important information, provide effective wayfinding and elevate the advertising possibilities. The great thing about digital signage using video walls is that usually you can do all of it simultaneously and cater the content to the particular time and the needs of the audience. 

3. American Dream mega mall outdoor video wall

Why: here’s a fascinating example on how to do the outdoor video walls. When you’re the second-largest mall in America, people expect you to amaze and entertain. That’s why being dull is just not an option. Being a leader in your industry means that you should employ the latest technological know-how and seek creative solutions. That’s exactly what the American Dream mega mall did with the huge and stunning outdoor video wall. Seen from everywhere in the vicinity of the mall, it’s a statement of primacy and state-of-the-art advertising space. 

But American Dream went much further with its digital signage. You can find screens everywhere inside this sprawling shopping and entertainment complex. The displays are on the walls, there are interactive kiosks as well as various video walls. Overall, American Dream now features more than 36,000 square feet of LED display technology and it’s not a joke, it’s pure devotion to the digital signage that should be present in any self-respecting shopping mall nowadays. 

4. Massive Sportsbook video wall at Dakota Magic Casino

indoor and outdoor video walls
Credit: Key Digital

Why: casinos and video walls are a match made in tech heaven. The reason is simple. A casino is a sparkling place, you expect it to be dynamic, beautiful, and overwhelming. It’s the visual power of the screens that can create this atmosphere and make people want to return. Also, the screens showing great content ensure the vibrance in the air. 

All of it is especially relevant for the sportsbook area where the challenge is to display multiple games simultaneously and be still entertaining enough for the guests to stay longer. The video wall at Dakota Magic Casino is a 31 X 10-foot LED set of screens and it’s gorgeous. It gives the venue a possibility to show content more efficiently and profit more as a result. 

5. The Forest Pavilion Video Wall in Bangkok by Samsung featuring 200 Million Pixels

Why: Samsung has few rivals when it comes to crafting magnificent digital experiences. This company is one of the audio-visual leaders for a reason. They didn’t disappoint with their latest Bangkok stunt either. Done for The Forestias, Thailand’s biggest development project, Samsung has created a fantastic The Wall experience and it’s the definition of spectacular. 

Let’s look at the stats. Measuring 38.707m x 3.628m with a total surface area of 140.43 square meters, the video wall is comprised of 384 screen cabinets that are tied together to provide a continuous surface and ultimately give a theater-like 360-degree spectator experience. It’s completely spellbinding and shows how technology can make magical things. And it’s all digital signage, one of its multiple facets.

The project is called The Forest Pavilion and it invites visitors to come for a special ‘Chamber of Secrets’ visual experience. 

6. Parallel Reality Detroit

Why: usually, digital signage and video walls are used in airports to provide passengers with relevant information about their flights. Because before all the advertising (as stunning as it may be), the passengers are most interested in the simple things like where is their flight taking off from, the number of the gate, and the expected delay time if any. And here’s a 2022 video wall project that really impressed us with the idea and the creative execution. 

We’re talking about the Delta's latest Parallel Reality digital signage solution at Detroit Metro Airport. Located at McNamara Terminal, it literally offers a parallel reality experience to the passengers, one that’s completely different from any approach we’ve seen at the airports. The technology behind that is mindblowing. So the concept is the following. The person walks past the screen and sees personalized information regarding only his/her flight. The screen can display such individual info for up to 100 passengers at a time. Interesting? We bet. 

The whole magic happens when a person scans the boarding card at the Delta stand and this enables the video wall to show the relevant info using the motion sensor to track the angle from which the person is looking at the screen. What an amazing and next-gen way to up the airport information game it is. We love it.

7. Largest LED Video Wall in LA

Why: the reason why this entry is on our list of outdoor video walls is pretty obvious. It’s the largest LED video wall in LA and it’s as grande as you expect it to be. With a resolution of 1,890 by 11,480 pixels, 8.0mm pitch, a height of 15 meters, and 22 million pixels, it’s an ultimate stunner. Eye-catching and attention-grabbing this kind of digital signage solution would definitely make you stop and stare at the slick technology.

The record is behind it too, it’s officially the “largest continuous digital canvas in the city center”. 

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