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Getting Into the Outdoor Digital Signage in 5 Steps

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
April 4, 2019
May 29, 2024

Depending on the business size and marketing goals, you may need to use outdoor digital signage software one day. This means that you’ll have to learn practical tips on how to make the most out of the outdoor signage systems. More and more businesses use outdoor digital signage today. Among them: hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, retail stores, etc.

Before you start your journey, you’ve got to answer the fundamental questions defining your further actions. To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared five steps to get you into the outdoor digital signage.

Step 1.  Learn how you can use outdoor digital signage for your business

Once you’ve decided to try using outdoor signage to improve your marketing, you’ll have to run a research on how you can simplify the user experience of your clients and improve the overall brand awareness.

The reason why you need to take this research seriously is that different businesses have different goals. Therefore, the implementation of these ideas will be completely different.

For example, if you take a restaurant owner, he’ll be able to use his outdoor signage to showcase the menu by the entrance to attract visitors. When we talk about the real estate agents, they can use signage displays to ease the open house experience for the potential tenants or buyers.

As you can see, your business type will define your signage marketing plan. The research is basically a process of learning more about your potential customers, their habits and finding out what they need while being outside of your store, restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

It's all about the content you're showing on the screens. The good preparation will make sure that it's engaging enough for your customers to be interested in your products and your business. Outdoor digital signage gives you a mighty tool to engage with the audience the right way. It isn't enough to just show something. What's important is broadcasting the content that is top-notch, that immediately resonates with the viewer. The reason for that is simple - today the attention of a customer is an expensive commodity. And the screen technology allows you to get it easier.

However, as with everything in the business world, content marketing respects tact. Don't overdo your visual efforts. Show only the pieces that are potentially interesting to your viewers, don't spend precious resources on something that doesn't work.

Step 2. Choose proper digital outdoor signage software

A proper software is always the key to success. When we talk about the outdoor digital signage, you have to make sure that your software is scalable and powerful enough.

Since outdoor digital signage is usually bigger and requires tons of data to be processed during the day, you’ll need to use the software that won’t let you down.

The pricing policy of the best outdoor signage software will be tied to the number of screens you’ll need it to work with and the number of months you’ll use the product. Usually, long-term relationships with companies are more profitable for you.

We can't emphasize enough the need to choose the software right, especially for outdoor digital signage. If you make the mistake of going with a solution that doesn't satisfy your needs, there is a big risk of losing money and time.

Step 3. Consider weather conditions in your location

Depending on your location, you’ll have to approach the weather-protection more or less seriously.

In case you’re in a more warm climate, you’ll definitely have to work on the air-conditioning and climate control for the signage system. It should operate at specific temperatures to prevent overheating.

Otherwise, you’ll have to work on rain/snow protection. Usually, it can be done using the protective screens that won’t let the water get into the circuits of the displays.

Make sure you make the whole structure of your outdoor signage solid so that wind won't blow it away in the storm.

Expert tip: All of the structural improvements should comply with the design guidelines of your company to make sure the signage is not just safe, but also appealing.

Step 4. Be aware of the possible security concerns

Most of the times, the outdoor signage is located on the street permanently with you just taking care of the content feed and maintenance of the displays. This means that you may face vandals damaging or stealing your signage.

To make sure you’re safe, you may consider following these basic rules:

  1. Make sure the back of your displays is not exposed, no one can be able to access it, but you.
  2. The protective screen should be changeable to prevent problems with graffiti fans or just kids playing around.
  3. The architecture of your outdoor signage construction should be solid to make sure it’s not that easy to steal.

Step 5. Find answers to all of your questions regarding outdoor digital signage displays

We bet you have thousands of questions in your head to prevent yourself from failing. That’s why you need to deepen your knowledge and review the most popular questions among the outdoor signage newbies.

  • How can sunlight affect my signage displays?

You should always prefer LED rather than LCD displays, cause LCD screens can get black blotches over time due to facing too much sunlight. LED displays do not have these problems.

Also, make sure you have bright enough displays if you’re located in a very sunny neighborhood. LCD or LED outdoor panels require at least 1,500-2,500 nits to be efficient in the direct sunlight.

  • What are the critical differences between indoor and outdoor digital signage?

First of all, indoor and outdoor signage may help you target different audiences. Outdoor signage will help you drive more of new clients inside, and the indoor displays will make them buy something or use your services.

Indoor and outdoor signage systems require different kind of displays (sunlight issues, weather conditions, etc.).

  • How to determine whether my business needs digital outdoor signage?

It depends on whether you have to work with your potential clients outside your retail space. Also, you need to know if your location is crowded enough.

  • Do I need permission to use outdoor led digital signage?

This depends on the city or suburb you live in. Usually, local officials require you to comply with the city guidelines for the signage size and content.

Final thoughts

Outdoor signage is a great way to boost the brand awareness of your business and grab the attention of your potential customers. Try applying these tips to your outdoor signage game to bring it to a whole new level.

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