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Our response to COVID-19

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 23, 2020
May 29, 2024

To all our valued customers and partners across the globe,

During the COVID-19 outbreak that struck the world, everyone has a role to play. Although digital signage won’t stop the pandemic, it absolutely can raise public awareness. Communicating Coronavirus safety information is the most powerful tool we have. We want to share it with you as the safety of our customers and employees has always been our top priority.

In this regard, Kitcast Apple TV and Android software are now provided for free to COVID-19 first responders and any entities helping to fight Coronavirus. Healthcare facilities, pandemic-related non-profit organizations – we sincerely thank you all and want to help there on the frontline as we can. Please, contact us at support@kitcast.tv and we’ll get you all set as soonest.

There are no on-site deployment requirements, only a display and a TV player. All displays can be managed remotely from a web-based dashboard on any Internet-enabled device.

Secondly, we have put together a library of free COVID-19 safety recommendations banners designed in alignment with WHO and CDC guidelines. We hope they will help communicate healthy tips quickly and clearly. We’ve always worked hard to create beautiful layouts for digital signage setups in any industry. Times change, digital signage has now become a social impact tool, but we never compromised on the design. Check out our ready-to-use Kitcast COVID-19 widgets in "COVID Info" set in the widgets menu.

Third, we have added a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) world tracker to our widgets list. Just add it to your playlist(s) to stay on top of COVID-19 recent developments and cases number in your area.

And lastly, our News and RSS Feed widgets have also proven to be useful in terms of staying informed. They are updated in real-time so you won’t miss any important information. 

Effective communication is now more important than ever. And for organizations that remain operating these days, raising public awareness through digital signage or any other tools has become a social responsibility. We at Kitcast share this responsibility and work harder than ever to make digital signage accessible so more people can stay safe and informed. Despite the social distancing environment, we are all in this together!

Let’s just call it temporary physical separation and make a difference from a distance!

We are just a call or email away, as always.
Kitcast team

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