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How to Organize Office Digital Signage in 2022

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 16, 2022
May 1, 2024

Office digital signage in 2022 is not what it was in 2019. The coronavirus pandemic (still ongoing by the way) has taken its toll on the classic workplace dynamics. 

Where is office digital signage in 2022?

Not only the old way of doing corporate office has died, but the work from home also became the new normal. Office in 2022 should be taken into account all that happened during these two hard years for every industry in the world and incorporate hybrid work sensitivity. 

Many companies around the world have faced tough challenges on how to properly address the new realities. Some went on as if nothing happened and it may work for some time. But the market has its own ways and such an approach is destined to fail. The workplaces that respect employees have started looking for tools that would help them address new challenges.

While office digital signage was already hot before pandemics, in a post-pandemic world it’s simply indispensable. We’re heading towards the future and the future of the workplace is digital. Such a future takes into account the well-being of workers, ensures that all the health protocols are dully followed, is interested in mental health, is keen to inspire, and likes to listen.

All of these goals are not so far-fetched, they can be easily reached by deploying digital signage. 

Health as the primary concern in the workplace

Sure, as far as the companies exist there are health norms that should be followed. But coronavirus pandemic has amplified the necessity of rules. When there is a virus that is transmitted by air it becomes vital to strictly follow what instructions say in order to avoid the super spreading event. And while we are behind the coronavirus-themed headlines and breaking news in the press regarding the disease, it’s still there and it keeps evolving. 

Office digital signage gives companies an effective tool to visually inform employees about health guidelines. And it doesn’t only include coronavirus rules, it can be every kind of information regarding health protocols.

Run interactive content, broadcast special instructions, notify employees about vaccination, organize internal health screenings, and show general information regarding important health-related facts. Have it under full control and show that you actually care.

Mental health is also important

Of course, first and foremost mental health is about the particular individual. But if that particular individual is a part of your team, it is the company’s responsibility to make sure that such a person is heard and given proper help. A person that is happy works better and is more productive. 

Screens will help here too. Digital signage is a superb engagement tool and you can use its visual potential to gather feedback from your workers, show mental health-related information, and communicate with your employees. 

When the employer is genuinely interested in the mental health and well-being of its employees it’s pure workplace magic. And it’s definitely something to do in 2022 when people are at their most vulnerable and isolated. 

Office digital signage ideas that work

Not only do the screens create a better communication ecosystem, but they also work great for internal organization. Here are some of the best workplace digital signage ideas to use at your company: 

- Doing the wayfinding differently

Sometimes the corporations are so big, even the employees get lost inside the premises. With screens in place, you can create a smooth way finding experience for both employees and visitors. Use the displays to guide and make everyone’s life easier.

- Cutting costs on print

Yes, digital signage really lets you save money. Believe it or not, many companies still resort to printing. Not only does it hurt the environment, but it’s also a sure way to lose money where you can actually save it. Install displays and turn them into informational boards getting rid of all those printed materials like brochures, leaflets, and expensive message boards. 

- Inspire your workforce

People love to be inspired. When it comes to working you’re not only creating a great environment for your employees but also ensuring that there’s a humane component to the workplace. Run motivational quotes using the displays, show videos, recognize the best employees, run contests, and socialize. It always pays off to care about your workforce.

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