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Hilarious new DirecTV ad employs Steve Buscemi and Henry Winkler as talking pigeons

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 21, 2024
May 29, 2024

If there is such a thing as prestige marketing, this DirecTV ad would be one. Beloved actors Steve Buscemi and Henry Winkler act as talking pigeons who can't believe that you can have satellite TV without a "dish." Here it is.


What happened: Super Bowl 2024 has spoilt us with many celebrity appearances in commercials. But it's the new DirecTV ad that takes the cake. Heartwarming and masterful, it features two CGI talking pigeons and the dishless satellite TV. But these feathered fellows are not some no-name NYC street folks. The gurus of the acting craft are behind their voices.

The immense charisma and immediate familiarity of Steve Buscemi's (Reservoir Dogs, Boardwalk Empire, The Big Lebowski to name a few) and Henry Winkler's (HBO's Barry) voices are factors that make all the difference here. This is the kind of commercial you want to watch.

And while the message is extremely simple (now you can watch DirecTV without the satellite), the whole dialogue and the delivery make it sound convincing and even existential.

There's a longing for the days long gone, a sign of the passing of time, a lament for the past, and even a memento mori moment when Winkler's pigeon says "our life spans are quite short." If that's not a masterpiece of advertising, what is? We're compassionate with the pigeons grasping the disappearance of the dishes that meant so much to them.

What else: "The Good Stuff" video is one of the 5 DirecTV ads that feature Steve Buscemi and Henry Winkler.

There's also "Girlfriend" where Winkler's pigeon wants to surprise Buscemi with a makeshift satellite dish and bizarrely announces his new "girlfriend:"


Action-packed "Window" that has Steve Buscemi say words like "crispy 4K picture" and "Netflix near the live sports:"


"Squab" reminiscing about the cooking shows:


And, finally the sports-themed "Socks:"


Still, "The Good Stuff" is our favorite DirecTV ad.

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