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NASA uses gigantic 3D billboard to tell its story in Orlando

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 11, 2023
May 29, 2024

3D billboards are the next big thing in DOOH advertising. NASA has unveiled one of the most spectacular examples of it for their latest Kennedy Entryway Experience 3D billboard at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida.

The background: 30-foot billboard display with 6.1 million pixels and 3D hosts NASA history campaign at Florida's Kennedy Space Center. The project was unveiled this month and it's a collaboration between the agency and the Blunt Action studio.

Frankly speaking, it looks wonderful. Also, it takes a slightly different approach to employing the 3D billboard technology in the DOOH. Here it's more IMAX than Times Square advertising. You are invited to an immersive movie-like story of the lineage of NASA.

“This project wasn’t just about creating an animation; it was about breathing life into history, crafting an immersive portal to the stars, and presenting it to the public. We take pride in pushing boundaries, and NASA’s trust in our creative direction has resulted in one of the most ambitious and breathtaking anamorphic visual experiences,” Ethan Jacob, the co-founder of Blunt Action, has said about the concept.

According to the creative studio, this 3D billboard campaign is among the longest in history with over 6 minutes of running time.

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Why we love it: just watch the video and you'll immediately get it. That's simply the next step in advertising. Also, it's a case of a 3D billboard campaign done with passion and superb creativity.

NASA is an epic name and Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida is a fitting place to hold a tribute to its long and exciting space-exploring history.

The colors are vivid, the 3D is flawless, and the whole thing is a definition of an immersive experience.

By the way, other projects of Blunt Action included the "Industry Baby" cover of the American rapper Lil Nas X and the Dungeons & Dragons 3D billboard in Shinjuku, Japan.

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