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Digital Signage and Movie Theater Advertising

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 29, 2022
May 29, 2024

Movie theater digital signage is there to make the experience of the visitors better. Also, it’s a fantastic additional solution for the cinemas to promote, sell, and interact. Advertising at a movie theater becomes much more effective with the screens around. That’s why for this article we’re focusing specifically on movie theater screen advertising and all its amazing benefits.

Why use screens in the movie theater?

While streaming and the pandemic have put a big shadow over the fate of the traditional cinema experience, movie theaters are not going anywhere. You can simply beat the sensation of watching a movie on a big screen, lights shut, and the sound system roaring. This is the way things were done ever since the beginning of the movie era.

Also, it’s not only about solely watching a film in the 21st century. People go to cinemas to have a great time. Today, movie theaters are entertainment centers. They offer a chance to escape reality.

The main attributes of a great cinemagoing experience would be the snacks you are buying at the on-site dining, the snug sofas in the waiting area, and the engaging technological additions that the movie theaters deploy to keep visitors entertained.

Screens are a part of the latter. While the main focus is undoubtedly the big silver screens in the auditoriums, the displays in the movie theater halls are an extremely important feature that can completely change the whole experience for the guests. 

Whether you're running a multi-hall cinema complex in a mall, or a more close-knit vintage theater, screen technology can ameliorate the communication between the venue and the people who frequent it.

Movie theater digital signage broadens the reach, improves the interaction, and gives you a chance to directly advertise to the audience.

Why does movie theatre advertising work?

Movie theaters are no strangers to utilizing signage in order to advertise. From the dawn of films, posters were used to lure the audience into the auditoriums and make them spend cash. Times have changed, and posters changed with them. Today it’s all about going digital. 

You go digital not only to keep track of the latest technology developments but also to have unlimited freedom and flexibility in delivering content. 

When movie theaters think about introducing digital signage, it’s always the static vs. dynamic battle. A fight that the latter wins with a bang. 

With movie theater digital signage your hands are untied. Show whatever you want without having to spend money on print. Forget about managing the physical billboards, spending time dealing with mounting, and having headaches switching posters in time. Screens kill all of these problems with one shot. 

Bring displays to your movie theater and reap the amazing benefits. You will be able to show the best and most visually appealing content, communicate with your audience, promote more effectively, upsell better, and have full control over everything that’s broadcasted. That’s how you do it to save money and nerves.

How to organize movie theater advertising?

First of all, know your venue and know your audience. Screen technology is versatile and adaptable. Depending on the size and needs of your movie theater, it can fulfill different goals. 

For the on-site dining

If you’re running a cafe in your cinema, be sure to use screens for digital menus. That’s a game-changing use of the displays that will give you an impressive increase in attention and subsequently sales. We’ve written about the benefits of restaurant digital menus here, be sure to check out this article.

The presence of digital menus will bring you more power over the content you’re showing to sell and will change the way visitors interact with it. 

For the waiting areas

Coming to the cinema shouldn’t be dull, it should be extra-exciting. And this feeling is not only reserved for the auditoriums, waiting areas can benefit from some digital signage redo too. 

Install screens to thrill the audience in a space where everything visual thrives. Run trailers of the upcoming movies, promote special propositions at a cafe, provide space for advertisers, and highlight your social media accounts. Make it sparkling, make it magical, make it bombastic. The displays are awesome at that.

For the outdoors

If you have outdoor space to work with, the screens will also come in handy there. The main focus will be to lure visitors as well as expand your advertising network. 

By getting into movie theater digital signage, you’re broadening your advertising capacities and deploying a fantastic marketing tool that will ensure more sales and better engagement.

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