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What Is The Best Digital Signage for Meeting Rooms

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 3, 2022
May 1, 2024

Meeting room digital signage is on the rise and you should take notice. In a time when the workplace changes at a rapid speed, it pays off to be fully prepared for the transformation. That’s exactly what digital signage for meeting rooms does by elevating the classic experience and giving it a 21st-century redo. Let’s dive deeper into it.

The workplace is dead, long live the workplace

It’s a turbulent time for workplaces worldwide. The tides are turning with lightning speed and the companies are left one-on-one with the complicated questions of how to navigate the new challenges and organize the work properly. The new technologies are tested and applied, everything to save the tempo and continue with minimal losses. 

The coronavirus pandemic has sent shock waves across industries worldwide. And while we’re recovering, the seed of change was planted. It is clear that the status quo of work has been irreversibly shaken and the old ways don’t work. This gives birth to an important question: “what’s next?”. And the answer is more complicated than one can think. 

What coronavirus accelerated is the shift to hybrid work. It was brewing even before the pandemic, but the fact that workers couldn’t be physically present at work due to a severe health risk took it to the stars. Once employees realized that work-from-home is indeed possible, there was no way back. That led many companies to rethink their approaches and frantically look for ways to make it work long-term. Remote took the central stage in workplace dynamics and those who couldn’t adapt simply went out of business. 

Digital signage proved to be an important remedy in this process. The businesses that had it in place felt the remote work shake more lightly. It’s because the screen technology at the offices ensures a smooth bridging of the physical on-site work with the online off-site one. And this process goes on now too. 

Meeting rooms are the most illustrative example of this new reality. In a time when a large part of the workforce is dispersed across the country or even the world, there should be a way to get the work actually done. Digital signage for meeting rooms proved to be that bridge, the helping link that enables collaboration and provides a smooth experience. 

Bridging the generational gap

While it’s easy to put all the blame for workplace transformation on the pandemic, it has only become a catalyzer. As generations Z and Y actively join companies worldwide, a new challenge arises. They are used to remote-everything, they are extra-savvy in social media usage, and they are much more comfortable being online than offline. 

And companies should make sure to integrate this workforce smoothly into the process. That’s another challenge that many businesses faced. And it can as effectively be resolved by introducing signage technology. 

Digital meeting room signage makes the online world present on the physical premises of the workplace and this is a great way to make the hybrid approach work. 

What is meeting room digital signage?

If you’re not using the screens in your workplace yet, you probably think of this technology as something reserved for commercial use at retail stores or restaurants. But it’s a perfect communication tool, the indispensable solution that would take your premises to the next level. 

Meeting room digital signage is a tool that allows you to use screens to broadcast content. That is a simple explanation. But it’s always about the details and nuances. 

Of course, if you simply put screens in your conference room that doesn’t change a thing. Meeting digital signage goals requires a plan. Lighting up the displays should be done according to your communicational strategy. It shouldn’t be chaotic, it should follow a well-calibrated plan. Only in such a manner can you achieve positive results and reach new heights of interaction with your employees. 

Best ideas for meeting room digital signage

The first rule of conference room digital signage you should follow: design specifically for your workplace.

Every company has a different size, different goals, and different approaches to work. While general advice on installing screens is similar, the specifics matter when creating a system that brings positive outcomes for your organization. 

Here are the ideas that can help you find a solution for your workplace:

- interactive meeting room screens for hybrid communication 

When your team is dispersed, a simple meeting becomes an ordeal. Digital signage helps to communicate in a clear, effective way. Meeting rooms are destined for collaborations, make collaborations smooth with displays.

- ameliorated meeting room reservation system 

On-site work doesn’t go anywhere. Big organizations always have issues with booking meeting rooms. Solve this problem by introducing a reservation system with the help of the screens. 

- better company branding and promotion when meeting with clients

Meeting rooms are not only for employees. Companies actively use them when communicating with potential and existing clients. Make this space work for your organization’s brand. Use the display technology to show promotional content, highlight the company's achievements, and showcase special propositions. 

- embrace the metaverse and VR

Who said that a company meeting should be boring? Holding it in a metaverse is a new cool way of addressing the remote work challenges. The screen can be a teleport into the metaverse. Install a video wall in your meeting room and provide an elevated experience for your employees.

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