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“I would say we have a lot of love-hate relationships these days”: Matrox’s Katrin Kerber on competitors.

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
August 21, 2019
May 29, 2024

During our podcast interview with Katrin Kerber (Account Manager Graphics at Matrox) at the DSSE in July, we discussed the prospects and challenges for video walls in digital signage. With many market insights and business ideas, this interview can change the perspective for many companies that are in search for new accessible digital signage solutions. With the rise of interactive displays and new tech that eat the market niche – how is Matrox adjusting to this kind of competition?

“I would say we have a lot of love-hate relationships. Because we are actually facilitating a part of those technologies. About interesting concepts… I’m thinking about streaming, for example. We had a nice discussion about a signage solution with a screen that can act as a mirror. 

For example, in a fashion store that you could show your new dress or you could try on different clothes and see yourself. That’s where we are coming in, in terms of the interactivity. With products that are based on network IP technology, streaming technology using non-proprietary protocols.”

Listen to the full podcast interview with Katrin Kerber to learn how video walls in digital signage can boost your marketing and engage with your audience better:

Kitcast Podcast feat Matrox – Episode 8 – What About Videowalls?

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