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Marvel launches the "biggest 3D hologram campaign in the world"

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 14, 2023
May 29, 2024

Marvel went all in with their promotion of the new "Spider Man 2" PS5 game by launching what the company names the biggest 3D hologram campaign in the world. And it looks fantastic, to be honest.


What happened: "Spider Man 2" game is a big deal for Marvel. So big that it gives its promotion a really epic treatment.

To top that the company announced a worldwide 3D hologram campaign for Spidey and Venom to take over the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, and even Dubai. Basically, Marvel bought advertising space on virtually every single billboard in the world that is capable of the 3D anamorphic technology which is a feat only a powerful Disney-owned enterprise can accomplish.

The content of the 3D holographic ad used all the capabilities of anamorphic technology. We see Spider Men of Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting Venom, traveling through New York using the web, and trying to stop the destruction and rampage. All of it with immersive 3D special effects like lighting bolts, prolonged Venom's tentacles, and shattered stones. It looks fantastic and is extremely engaging. In other words, it's impossible to walk past such a piece of holographic advertising.

Was it a wise decision? Numbers are on the Marvel's side. Released in October 2023, the game received a universal critic and user acclaim and sold over 5 million copies within a few weeks of its launch. Success it is no matter from which angle you look at it.

As for the advertising, Marvel has put emphasis on impressing the consumers and it paid off big time. An epic game needs an epic ad treatment. Both Sphere and 3D hologram campaign activations proved that the company is confidently winning the promotional game.

Also, Marvel launched a separate activation using the supreme LED capabilities of Las Vegas Sphere:


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