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Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Manufacturing

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 28, 2021
May 29, 2024

Manufacturing digital signage is a great technology tool that can help your enterprise succeed and make the working conditions better. We will guide you through the process of installing it and making it work for your company. 

At a first glance, screens may not seem like an organic choice for the improvement of a factory. However, if you give it a closer look you will see that the versatility of digital signage for manufacturing opens a myriad of opportunities that are guaranteed to be useful during the application at a workplace. 

Although industrial spaces vary in sizes and needs, the display technology is like a universal magic wand: it can do just what you program it to and the key to a great implementation is knowing the capabilities. We will now guide you through the nuts and bolts of manufacturing digital signage to show you the true potential of this future-oriented technology. 

Easy Implementation of digital signage for manufacturing 

It is quite hard to believe but digital signage is not among technologies that are hard to implement. And it doesn’t matter how many screens you have. Cloud-based solutions like Kitcast allow you to control all of them effortlessly and without any previous tech background. You will operate using our intuitive Dashboard and you will have the power to control all screens that are in your network.

The whole implementation process is as easy as putting Legos together. Here are the steps you go through installing Kitcast:

  1. plug in Apple TV (or other streaming media player) to your screen
  2. download Kitcast app in the market
  3. link your device in the app
  4. that’s it, you’re ready to use the full force of digital signage

In terms of manufacturing digital signage, it makes the process very easy and allows managers to stop worrying about complicated IT stuff while focusing on delivering the content that works best for your company. No more cables, unnecessary gadgets and plenary spendings. With cloud-based solutions like Kitcast you’re getting all-in-one digital signage that is easy to use. 

Productivity boost 

Manufacturing is first and foremost people. If your employees are satisfied with work they will go above and beyond to meet the goals and exceed them. That’s why it’s so important to show your workers that you care about their well-being. Manufacturing digital signage allows you to create a visual network that will enhance productivity and raise KPI through setting clear goals in a visual manner. 

For example: if you have a mid-sized factory with 50+ employees it is extremely hard to communicate with everyone using static signage or audio. The screens conveniently placed where people can see them will serve as perfect communication boards and you will be able to broadcast productivity goals more effectively being sure that everybody sees the message. 

Ultimate announcement tool

Manufacturing is a very sensitive process where timing and precision are vital. An effective announcement system is a must to ensure that all your employees are well informed about things that matter to your factory. By placing and using screens you’re getting a state-of-art communication system that changes the way you interact with people at your workplace. 

For example: having digital signage implemented at the manufacturing facility gives you the power to broadcast messages instantly, in a matter of seconds across all of the screens just by a simple click in the dashboard. Our solution, Kitcast is a pro communication option for small and large spaces, including factories. The content displayed on screens works better for capturing attention than static and audio. 

Motivation done right

While motivational videos per se aren’t a game-changer when it comes to the efficacy of a workforce, by showing them you’re also showing your employees that you care. Making sure that your workers are in a cheerful mood or uplifting their spirit through great content fit for your industry is a great way to build trust and keep a hand on the pulse of the mood among your employees. 

Also, screens are perfect for gathering feedback, polling and voting. When it comes to community, manufacturing digital signage can help you organize the relationship between the management and the employees and make it rewarding for both sides of the spectrum. 

Ensuring safety

Manufacturing may also be dangerous and the good employer always makes sure that the workers are staying safe at all times and if something goes wrong there’s an adequate and rapid response. Digital signage is ideal for creating a safe and healthy workplace with the visual power of the screens. 

Another big threat to the normal working conditions is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Without proper social distancing measures and constant health-related messaging, manufacturers risk shutting down the factories. In order to avoid outbreaks, digital signage can be installed as an effective tool for health information. Versatility and flexibility of the screen technology mean that companies can experiment with content they are showing and combine different types of messaging at once using widgets and templates. 

For example, you can show COVID-19-related announcements at the entrance to your facility and combine them with some motivational messages to help workers start the day on the right note. Then, in the actual workplace, the screens will show productivity goals combined with the announcements about the obligation to wear masks inside and the necessity of maintaining social distance. 

Branding in the administrative areas

Administrative areas of manufacturing companies are the places where the business is done. The partners come there for the meeting, the potential candidates wait in the lobby for an interview and events are taking place at the conference rooms. Digital signage can help to transform these spaces into branding spots for your company by showcasing your successes, displaying your logo, highlighting the best employees, and interacting with visitors.

Also, you can use screens for social media promotion of your brand actively asking visitors to follow you on your social media channels and promoting the specific hashtags. One screen in the lobby can do a great job of showing your brand message inspiring visitors and showing the value of your company. 

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