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How to Revamp Your Hospital Lobby With Screens

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 2, 2022
May 29, 2024

Adding screens to the lobby is one of the best hospital digital signage solutions you can adopt right now. It’s effective, beautiful, and direct. With lobby digital signage you’re engaging with your visitors better and can create a special atmosphere. It shouldn’t be a super complicated technological system, you would only require cloud-based software to do it right. Here’s how to do digital signage for hospitals properly with a focus on a lobby experience.

Why hospitals should turn to screen technology?

Coming to a healthcare facility can be quite a challenge for a person. It’s the case when there’s always some kind of health issue involved. No one just finds himself inside the hospital, something brings a person there. 

That’s why usually such a visit is accompanied by stress, anxiety, and even fear. Health woes differ and so do the feelings of people toward attending a medical facility. Some take it better than others, but the general trend is that there’s always stress of some kind.

But if the awareness of personal health is entirely in the hands of a person, the hospital experience isn’t. Whether it’s a private or public facility, there’s some kind of service given to the patients. And it’s not always positive, there are many instances when people are more stressed about getting into the hospital for the experience’s sake than for their health issue alone. 

We believe that it should change and medical facilities should provide the highest level of service possible. While it’s a multifaceted issue, technology can take the healthcare experience to the next stage. Hospital digital signage solutions are there to ensure a positive transformation. And lobby digital signage is among their integral parts.

Why do hospitals need digital signage?

The answer is pretty simple. Hospital digital signage solutions help to revamp the patient experience. It’s always about the better well-being of the visitors, more effective communication, and direct engagement. When you’ve got these things figured out with the help of the screens, there’s another important advantage of the displays. They ultimately facilitate getting a higher level of trust between you as a facility and your visitors. 

Competition between private hospitals is something to reckon with. In order to stay relevant to the potential patients and win their trust it’s essential to provide the highest degree of care. And while the actual value of the medical services is the most important factor, a bad customer experience can be a huge turn-off. 

You don’t really want people to feel bad, disoriented, and dissatisfied on your premises. This leads to negative online reviews, a bad reputation, and a decrease in sales. On the other hand, if the patient experience is well-curated with the help of technological solutions like digital signage, you’re ensuring a smooth visit and a positive outlook on your service. Who wouldn’t want that?

Lobby digital signage is where everything starts

Lobbies come in all shapes and sizes. That depends on the scale of your hospital, the building, and the design choices. However, one thing always stays the same. The lobby is the place where the visitor gets the first impression. And the importance of the amazing first impression can’t be overstated. 

And that’s not all about hospital lobbies. Usually, they double as waiting areas meaning that a person would spend some time there too. Waiting may be one of the most annoying parts of a hospital experience for your patients. You can use screens to make it less stressful and keep the visitors busy with consuming interesting content. 

Content is extremely important when it comes to screen technology. There’s still a common digital signage misconception among businesses and organizations of all sizes that putting a display and showing something would work. But without careful curation of your content and tailoring it to the interest of your audience you will just waste their time and your money. 

When it comes to hospital digital signage solutions, it’s vital to show content that is relevant to your target audience and is organically woven into the overall experience. For example, it’s effective to use branding videos promoting the advantages of your hospital for the lobby. Just placing an aerial image of your building on a screen? Not so much.

What are the best types of hospital lobby digital signage?

Here are the things you can run on the screens in the lobby: 

- general branding content highlighting the advantages of your hospital, your staff, and your facilities

- upselling content showcasing special programs, deals, and procedures

- creating a special signage zone for the children running child-focused content

- running calming content that reduces anxiety and stress of the visitors

- providing wayfinding information (should be used in connection with other screens on your premises)

- running informational messages, alerts, and PSAs

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